Are we going to see riots this summer ?

Two lines of copers, front rank kneels, then volley fire by Taser? Not sure it'd work TBH, but whatever floats their boat.

Personally I think its because they want to look ally.
They look like the rejects from Mcnamaras morons.
Or The Zimbabwean Palace Guards.
Well, I've had a look at Tesco's F&F clothing and can't find these vests anywhere. They must have been popular for Tesco to have run out so quickly.

Does Primani have an equivalent?
I wonder if the wearers realise the risk they're running, wearing these vests.

I mean, what if somebody played a prank and glued some wires on them.
Perhaps they're the new Black Watch...
As were now undergoing daily/weekly out of control raves and random skirmishes where people don't adhere to BLM worship. One wonders if the media finally wake up, with the coming/cancelled impromptu notting hill carnival.
That first line is a bit dubious.
Quite, what lack of manners

Surely they'd give them a reach around before sticking it down their throat
In the burbs of FoCo (Fort Collins). Antifa
came a calling and the masses repsonded.

Then it seems the leftists went after LE.

I suspect November is going to be telling. Also note only the lefties were arrested.
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