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Are we going to see riots this summer ?

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
I hope that the protesters upon seeing houses equipped with those vulgar plantation shutters, brick the windows
they are a celebration of slavery

The term “plantation” is in relation to shutters in the United States. Shutters were brought to America when the south was colonised by the Spanish. Wooden style shutters were popular on the mansions in the cotton and sugar plantations in these areas, thereby coining the phrase “plantation shutters”.


Off the top of my head, TVP and Hampshire, both have ex military PCCs, what’s the difference between them and say Dorset, Wilts, Surrey etc In terms of performanc?

You also realise that they are elected at free and fair elections, how do you tell the public that they can only have ex military candidates?

Presumably the same way labour had women only short lists. Unless of course you're married to Harriet Harman in which case Mr Dromey we'll stick you in a women only short list safe seat.
Cambridge University is racist and for many a nest of Communism.
My eldest son did a hard science degree at Cambridge: lectures and lab work were pretty much 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, with the labs open at weekends.
Although he took full advantage of the social side too it generally was a case of birds and booze.
The attitude of him and his mates to the PPE/student activists generally included the words *******, losers, Brideshead get the drift.
...the best we could hope for, and may well be sorely disappointed by, is upholding at least some laws.

May one suggest not holding your breath?

What is the likelihood the police will actually go as far as doing their jobs, what with all that virtue signalling to do first?
I know it’s the Independent, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much anti-military rhetoric crammed into a single article.
Horrific, isn't it?

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"Figures published by the Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces show that Bame personnel are more likely to complain about bullying, harassment and discrimination than their white counterparts. While Bame staff make up just 7 per cent of overall armed forces personnel, they account for a disproportionate 13 per cent of those lodging complaints about discrimination. "

How much more likely are they to play the race card though. Extremely high.
I was present once when someone tried to play the race card. He was a complete admin case and was up before the CSM for a bollocking. At the conclusion of the interview without coffee, the recipient tried to pull the "its cos I is black, innit" card. He seemed a bit taken aback with the response of "No, it's because you're a ****. Now fcuk off out of my sight!!" delivered in an emphatic manner. Fastest I'd seen him move in ages!

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I wonder how long it will be before Agatha Christie is added to their list of those who must become non-people, books burned, plays and films (TV) banned?
Think about her œuvre ‘And Then There Were None’!


I wonder how long it will be before Agatha Christie is added to their list of those who must become non-people, books burned, plays and films (TV) banned?
Think about her œuvre ‘And Then There Were None’!

No need - she has been 're-written' to avoid any anachronistic unease


War Hero
It will be interesting to watch the reaction of the police to this riot "peaceful protest" and which statues they will be concentrating on..

The police actively support an organisation calling for the abolition of the police. The church actively supports an organisation calling for the abolition of the nuclear family. Universities and schools have abandoned facts and reason. The state broadcaster openly undermines the state (not just the present government, the state itself). Civil servants serve only themselves. We are well through the looking glass at this point. Many of these institutions need to be fundamentally re-thought when this is over.
These stupid woke twäts just don't realise or care, just how much of a recruiting sergeant they are for the real far right.

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