Are we going to see riots this summer ?

There is no excuse

Even the ballots stuffers working and day and night to fulfil Labour's postal vote can always register for their postal vote and the 30 odd people living in their one bedroom flat, and get the vote in
Google informs me that depending on the State, times vary between O7.00 and 20.00. So now you know.
thank you.... if your at the end of the US mile long queue to vote that would be valuable information.
Someone mentioned yesterday, perhaps on this thread, that if you are in line when the polling place is about to close, you still get to vote.
Fair point on a basic level, but one must consider the complicated matter of conscience, and the orders handed down.
Simply just following orders with no principles or a rather weirdly skewed world view worked out pretty well for the Germans in the first half of the 1940's...
I didn't say anything about any of what you've just said. And it didn't take you many posts to invoke Godwin's law.

To be honest, I couldn't care what a soldiers personal opinions are, or what they consider to be morally conscionable. A soldiers job is to follow orders, unless that order breaks the law of armed conflict. But you would know that if you'd ever done more than stand in front of a recruiting poster with a semi.

Anyway, you like to use important sounding words but seem unable to string together a coherent point. So you're either a journo or some mad wing left wing lunatic transgender Apache helicopter looking for twitter fodder.
Are you a serving member of the Armed Forces? Is this how the civilians of this country are supposed to look to you for protection?
I left last year, luckily I ensured all my juniors had the same standards as me so i pity any gay, black, Muslim Trannies joining up.
I'm am trying (but not very hard) to join the TA just to keep my bullying skills up to date.
I believe there is heavy rain forecast for the weekend. A lot of coppers will be hoping that is accurate.
"Defund the police! Defund the police! Defund the police!"... err can we have a few police officers present at our rally as we're feeling a bit vulnerable just now....

Your friend has been dripping all over the mental health/depression threads since joining.
Who'd know eh
Thats good to know as I'm also the sort of person to laugh at mental cases as well.
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While the two colours of the headline are entirely coincidental, they do have a certain relevance to said "Green" party. I'm sure the greater public of Bristol don't elect councillors to carry out acts of vandalism.

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Green Party Councillor Confesses to "Dickens Racist" Graffiti - Guido Fawkes
Mr Driver said "he is expecting officers to knock on the door any minute".
I rather hope they don't. I'd much prefer it if he couldn't get to sleep at night because of the aerosol vapours from people spraying suitably worded graffitti over every flat space on the outside of his house...
I watched a video from yesterday of the rioters smashing up a Police car in Detroit while the two Officers are still in it. When the back window gets put in the driver decided that was enough and started moving slowly forward and pushing the kunts out of the way.

Now of course a couple of the kunts claim they got injured by the Officers action of moving forward and are now shouting for them to be prosecuted. I hate to think what would have happened to the two Officers has the car not been driven off and the kunts had got a hold of them.

Why is it there is never a mad mass shooter on a nearby rooftop when you need one.

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