Are we going to see riots this summer ?

In the face of the frantic virtue signalling that will likely result from trying to lock the bugger where he can do no harm to society, do you really think any of that will matter to the noisy minority?
Initially it won't, these are long term consequences though that will be felt for years.

As you saw in St. Louis people are getting tired of this $hit and not going to rely on LE to mediate.
The silent majority will likely just keep on keeping on. I anticipate lots of noise from the loud and ignorant in protest while the rest just keep the wheels turning and firm up their opinions.
I sincerely hope so.
Bit like waving a realistic toy pistol at armed police. Liable to get you shot if only by a taser.
Or pointing a real one painted to look like a toy.
The Republicans might even find they make inroads in traditionally Democrat voting areas, not unlike the Tories did in the Labour heartlands recently.


I sincerely hope so.

Or pointing a real one painted to look like a toy.
Ah, yes - when LA gangbangers apparently realised that painting the muzzles orange would make a cop hesitate just long enough for you to get your bang in first, or leg it.


They'll be enforcing covid laws so be outside any political risk.
The political calculus may have changed, as politicians scramble to distance themselves from BLM. If the police crack down harder on ordinary people enjoying a drink than they did on avowed anti-Semitic Marxists intent on destroying public property it will not look good for them.
The coppers should have just stood back and let both sides go for it on a field. Or quietly siphon off 5 or 6 of each mob, and let them go for it in a lonely little courtyard. See who really wants to bash reds or kill the fash.
That was Newport town centre on New Years eve back in the day.

Once it kicked off they'd cordon off each end, let the mongoloids bump skulls until they were spent and then move in and scoop the remains into the van.
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You will probably find that they have all had their Rest Days cancelled and will be dealing with pissed cnuts ABHing and GBHing each other with bottles and chairs. Just like any weekend in England since 1066 and before.
As I and many others on this site point out a lot; it's not the cannon fodder at the front who are the problem in law enforcement in the UK it's their leaders who condone selective application of the law. I doubt any on the frontline would have garnered many brownie points for handing out FPNs for breaking lockdown laws at the Bristol statue toppling. But kneeling down in submission to the mob less so.

The mood among the upper echelons may well be to demonstrate mostly to the politicos that they've still got it when it comes to dealing with a mob. The fact that it's likely to be none political just makes it easier for police chiefs to find a back bone and play the hardman.

Out of interest were many leave/rest days cancelled for Bristol?

Personally having known a few coppers over the years I wouldn't want your job for a pension and a big gold watch and I'm grateful that people still join.
Mercedes have announced today that Lewis Hamilton will race in an all black car with him in black overalls as part of their support for BLM.
I wonder if they'll stick a big swastika on it to acknowledge their past.
Must be difficult times for Lewis what with him being half oppressor and half oppressed
If only they would outline the car in thin gold stripes we could be teary eyed about when JPS Lotus was around.


People taking the knee being disrespectful to the American flag? As that would cause division I am sure BLM have thought it through.
Time to hunt down their leader Caesar. He's behind all this
So in these enlightened times, people who hold differing views will be:

Banned from being published, just like the Nazi's did.
Banned from universities just like the Nazi's did
Banned from the professions just like the Nazi's did
Hounded from employment just like the Nazi's did
Hounded from society just like the Nazi's did
Their statues removed just like the Nazi's did
Streets named for them renamed to new approved names just like the Nazi's did

Along with certain races to be preferred just like the Nazi's did

What else will they do just like the Nazi's did?

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Fuck me!! The wording in that "article" beggars belief!!!
Scary isn't it?
I see that they managed to get the KKK into the story.
So, Lancashire Police say 'White Lives Matter' is not a crime hate or otherwise and Warwickshire Police say that 'White Lives Matter' is a hate crime.
I know that there is an element of vandalism in this story but it seems like the law is making it up as it goes along.

Personally I don't think that this phrase is particularly helpful but a hate crime? This needs to be tested in court.

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