Are we going back to denims and woolie pullies or what?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by G104MEN, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on the duty rumour that the Army is going back into lightweights and woolie pullies for in camp use again, if so do they have an ETA? Can't say it will be a bad thing, at least it'll stop the crabs and matelots looking like squaddies and young scrotes will have to iron their kit properly again (or maybe for the first time!). CS95, can't iron it, can't get the right size trousers!
  2. Army wants to, Army can't afford to pay for it - allegedly.
  3. good stuff cant wait..
  4. Crosses fingers that we do, i have seen a few units wearing Jumpers over 95 though.
  5. Jumpers over 95 kit looks good if you have a few badges scattered around it! Hopefully it will happen soon as its cold outside!
    My fanny is hurting!
  6. WHY? Stupid jumpers with cardboard patches, crap shoulder titles that snap everytime to remove them to wash the jumper. Crap light weights that are lovingly fadded to 'show starched'. What a load of bollocks!

    Not required, not wanted. Waste of fucking money. Oh hang on, waste of money. Sounds like a plan, let's do that.
  7. Backward move spend the money on more Guns lots and lots of Guns
  8. Ahh, two-tone Lightweights, Barrack-Dress Trousers, rigidly starched shoulder and elbow-pads on pullover and bulled shoes DMS - happy days!
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  9. Always struck me as comfortable working wear. A plain olive green blouson jacket/tunic would be a good addition though. Fleeces are too shabby and DPM should be kept for the field or for Guard duty as it's supposed to be fire retardent. (Except the current chinese cr4p apparently isn't...)
  10. Actualluy i agree with that comment. And i was in the Army when the starch on the shoulders/elbows ruled! Admittedly, CBT 95 comes in good material/crap material but its better for the way we do business now.
  11. How many times does this rumour go around?
  12. I can assure you it isn't a rumour.
  13. Agreed - why on earth would anyone actually want to go back to wearing that shite again? Looks nice on parade, is absolutely useless for anyone who doesn't spend their entire day sat behind a desk.
  14. ...which is why it will get approval. I used to work in a tri-service group and it did look funny with the RN and RAF sitting in their version of barracks dress while the army walked in in combats and combat boots. We would then sit down and discuss something totally unwary (if that is a word).

    Apparently the reason why it might be considered is that barracks dress is apparently cheaper than combats...
  15. Do the Army allow you to wear woolie poolies with combats when in barracks? That would be a nice cheap compromise.