Are we envious of the USA?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Shotgun, Oct 13, 2003.

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  1. Poor deluded fools

  2. Yes we're jealous

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  3. No, just think it's funny

  4. You must be fcking joking

  5. Great place, but silly people

  6. Better than being French

  7. But only just

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  8. Love to be a yank, if they lost the chip

  1. Well are we?

    A certain sherman on here sent me a particularly funny mail to my inbox, I was shocked and saddened. He is the biggest SOB on the block, and we merely take the moral high ground, and never did hear such things Martha. I know it's all true because he said it, and he's American, so it must be.

    So it is the land of the free, where Government is run by the people, for the people. Where the President plays politic for the people. They are the biggest and baddest with the best systems for almost anything.

    Let's be honest, we are jealous aren't we?
  2. me

    dont ask me why because...i dont know :D
  3. I would rather slam my bollocks in a Chally hatch
  4. I enjoy destroying warriors...... So yes. :roll:
  5. fun place to visit But i would'nt want to live there :lol:
  6. More to the point, it's a great place to visit..... the consumer/customer is always right.

    However, if you're working there, if you're not in one of the top earning jobs you get treated like sh1t.

    Also, where as out in the big wide world the yanks can be some of the biggest a55holes you are ever likley to meet, back at home, where they have less to prove, they are on the whole friendly, helpful and exellent hosts. Dare I say it they can almost be charming.

    They are still not the cleverest race on the face of the earth and they have a very blinkerd view of the world in general..... but I put that down to the education system.

    That said, sod living there! 8O