Are we entitled to wear the medal?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by rossco, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. As a member of the soon to be extinct Royal Irish Regiment ( HS) , after our recent `Last Review`( disbandment parade) , her Maj the Queen awarded all our Battallions with the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross as a unit award. Does that mean we as individuals are entitled to wear some form of ribbon etc. along with our other individual medals ? Remembering that in the next 4-6 months , bar those who are moving to the TA the rest of the regiment bar the 1st Batt will be civvies. I know there`s a wealth of knowledge on here and hopefully someone can shed some light on this subject.
  2. Would you want to wear something that you "Personally" didn't earn.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    No, you can't - it is awarded to the unit, not yourself.

    Awards like this are often displayed in the Regimental Colours or similar.

    However if memory serves, 19/5 Bty RA was awarded something similar, and all members of the Battery (only whilst serving there) wore the medal ribbon sewn to the beret, directly beneath the cap badge.
  4. True in a way but at the same time we as a whole got awarded the medal for doing what we`ve done over many years and I personally can say I did as much as the next man to put my neck on the line time and time again being on the ground operationally for over 12 years serving in a rifle platoon and not behind any desk. Dunno, maybe you`re right Bad Crow.
  5. I would just let this one be left for the regiment. Dont want to come across as a big timing type.
  6. Think you could be right Bad Crow, was just pondering bout it . Cheers.
  7. I think you should all be very proud of the regiment. I spent some time working with you guys and it is thoroughly deserved - It is a honour and will go with the rest.
  8. Cheers Docs, regardless of what units any of us on here have served with , we`ve all seen plenty most would rather forget but being part of the best fighting army in the world is a thing we all should pride ourselves on whether still serving or past. I know i will always be proud of what i`ve fought for and i`ve made mates and drank drinks as we all have and realised that even through the crap times none of us would change what the Army has made us into.
  9. The Devonshire Regt were awarded the Croix de Guerre in 1918 by the French in recognition of a defensive action that cost the life of every man in the Bn. The D&DLI wear the medal ribbon on one arm on No2 dress (can't remember which arm).

    Methinks this was our Sovereign's idea given that the Liebour spin machine didn't leak the news before her announcement.

    A fantastic honour for The Royal Irish and my friends and I will raise a glass to salute you all in a few minutes.
  10. I am reminded of the GC that the RUC were awarded in 2000 - richly deserved for the sacrifices that they made. The same applies for the HS Bns - this honour is also richly deserved by the Regt.
  11. that`s probably the reason i asked the intial question at the start tattybadger cause i`ve seen members of the now PSNI( formally RUC) wearing the GC at rememberence parardes so i thought of us being in the same boat but maybe not as they are a branch of the civil service as opposed to the Army. Who knows eh.
  12. .............. but I don't know the answer to your original query!
  13. i know , but i was just saying that the reason i was under the impression we might be able to wear it was because the RUC (now PSNI)wear theirs that`s all badger.
  14. rgbw were the presidents citation on arm of no2's so I expect the award will be displayed in a similar fashion
  15. I am affraid that you are not allowed to wear the medal on an individual basis and bods who wear a fake GC (originals go for abour 20 grand + these days) are bending the rules in a big way (the Island of Malta was presented a GC during WW2, but I would hate to see loads of Maltese galloping around with that on their chests as a result). The presentation is richly deserved (but a wee voice just won't stop shouting 'politics' in the back of my head). The CGC is now second only to the VC and as such is one heck of an award to be given.