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Are we entering the final stage...??


Ok, Tin Foil Hat time.

China's just announced the Second Wave of the virus and The Fed has said that it has an unlimited financial reserve and lots "of tools". Then, on Thursday the Dow Jones dropped points, Gold, Silver and BTC remained stagnant buttThen, on Friday the Dow made a slight recovery, as did Oil.

Question is, when do the lizard and land walking humanoids take over and consign cash to the bin, install a one world government and enforce all humans to be bar-coded and implanted with tracking devices all supplied by MSFT and APPL? (the top 5 companies to invest in are all Tech firms)
And I for one welcome our new Insect Overlords
And I for one welcome our new Insect Overlords


Ssssh. The ones without a bar-code get deleted. Its all in the briefing document.

Is there a city/county cover? It's just that Plymouth has a fur king massive bar code in the city centre. Does anyone know how far the protective shield covers?

ETA Well delete. I changed my mind. Yeah, I do have one...I think,I think


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Barcode? All of us who are going to survive have QR codes.

Barcodes are for the food.
Buy shares in Newcastle United replica shirts. Go into Tesco, Mag activates the barcode scanner, assistant smirks when his display reads " Manufacture £5.00. Retail £83.81*. Easy money."

* Jebus I was going to put £50, but realised the NOTW exposé must have been 20 years ago so I bothered to Google it. Memo to self. Delete dirty, disgusting browser history.
As I thought. The BLM outrage and protesting is all just part of the mass-deception, caused by Bill Gates as a cover so that Plod can have-a-practice for when the round ups begin and people start revolting against the bar-coding..
Bill Gates isn't involved in bar coding. He's injecting tracking chips under cover of vaccinating half the planet against nasty diseases.
Shelters ?

Pfft I've got tickets to a big ark somewhere in the Himalayas, and just to bring Zulu into it, " You're all going to die!"
I thought that Zulu had been banned, or am I in the wrong thread?

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You're all going to die!
In the mist of time, I played SSN 21 Seawolf.

This in the days when people didn't have noise cancelling headsets on the DOS PC, which was set up in a corner of the living room because all the bedrooms were bedrooms. Family sat watching TV while I have the speaker volume down low, sinking commie bastids.

Sometimes the commie bastids won, which usually presented me with the Exec Officer screaming in my face, "Captain, we're all gonna die!" Just as the TV went quiet.

Zero Alpha remains convinced that game was called "Captain, we're all gonna die!"
When everyone sees this as the way forward.


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The Universal Product Code (UPC) symbology is used worldwide for retail purposes. UPC-A barcodes carry GTIN-12 numbers as defined by the GS1 US standard. In its common version (UPC-A), the bar code consists of a five digit manufacturer number and a five digit product number. In addition there is a 1 digit number system identifier at the start of the code. The number system digit denotes the use of one of ten number systems defined by UPC:
  • 0, 1 , 6, 7 and 8 are for regular UPC codes.
  • 2 is for random weight items, e.g. meat, marked in-store.
  • 3 is for National Drug Code and National Health Related Items.
  • 4 is for in-store marking of non-food items.
  • 5 and 9 are for coupon use.
So far, so vanilla. However, it's well known that the left, center and check bars use the same symbol as that used for the number 6. Hence each bar code has 666 built into it.

Shares in Alcan are soaring at the moment. Does anyone believe that this all just a coincidence?

ETA: fat fingers

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