Are we being seen off by Anningtons?

Have Anningtons totally seen the MOD off?

  • Yes, someone at MOD is a board member of Anningtons

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  • No i dont believe it (shhh, I am a share holder of Anningtons)

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Why is it that in the Didcot/Abingdon area, there is a lack of quarters? people are now living in private hirings. There is an amazing amount of "surplus" quarters being sold off all over the country but apart from Tidworth and Aldershot, I havent seen much of this new improved housing that we are supposed to be getting! Also what happened to Anningtons special discounts to HM Forces members?
Ha Ha Ha, they had you for a mug, the only discount you get with Anningtons is the week of nights you spend in your tent hoping to get the pick of the bunch, and when you get there you need to have a deposit, then you might be lucky enough to beat the IIs to the house you want, and then when you've had a look around you start to wander what the house next door is like but by the time you've had a look at that one and decided that it isn't it you want the other one some sneeky lil' fcuker has nipped in after you and nabbed it. And theyr'e not even in the forces.

So no Anningtons don't offer any discounts to HMF without there being a catch.
Yes... by 110% The great rip-off started in less than a 'nanosecond' after the contract was signed.... c*nts. Wasent the money raised supposed to go on re-furbishing the quarters???

Out of interest they have just refurbished a load in Carterton (Brize Norton), Pre-fab horrors built in the 70's... Worst house I ever had in 20 odd years and really the only way a decent re-furb could be done on them involves the exclusive use of a D6....

What have they done? Re-wire, Asbestos out (yes those not re-furbed are still riddled with the stuff), a couple of buckets of magnolia emulsion thrown at the walls.... oh and they have finally 'tied' the concret panels together!!! .............. now classed as Grade 1!!!!! Still shit housing mind....
Also these estates are turning into ghettos for the "less than desirable" as they are the only true low-cost, affordable housing going onto the open market.
Low cost are you pulling my chain. I just got a flyer through the post for 4 bedroom houses in the south of England for 158,000. Prior to Anningtons not only would we have not had the need to compete against civilians paying basically the same as us but we would have got one for 60,000.

With Anningtons you literally get a couple of quid off legal and survey about 500 quid.

Given the fact that most of us can only get a 20 year morgage even to buy an Anningtons home is almost impossible.

If a civilian can buy his council house, why do we still not have the right to buy one of our houses.

Can anyone who has had problems or who has issues with Annington Homes regarding a property you have purchased from Anningtons, or attempted to purchase, or rented - in fact anything to do with Anningtons !!!!
Please get in touch with Mr Joe Boxell of Colchester, Essex, who has contacted BBC Watchdog regarding problems with Anningtons, and needs to speak to anyone who has had problems with them.
Joe is available on mobile 07834 227008 or email at

Many thanks,


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