Are we being screened as to what we write here?!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by themaadone, May 3, 2006.

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  1. After recent events with a member who posted on the RLC Forum I am thinking along the lines, that ARRSE has become a little bit less anonymous then what it used to be and that some members and / or future members may have second thoughts as to what they can and cannot post on this site.

    I for one find this place a site I can unwind, gossip and lark around with people I wouldn't have a chance to meet due to the obvious distance, trade, location etc...

    If it comes to smacked fingers due to circumstances arrising out of "tongue in cheek", has this site served its final purpose and given seniors/officers or even junior soldiers the right to cap free speach and to tie a noose as they see fit?

    I understand, that we shouldn't name and shame apart from obvious figures in the public light and those, who have been through the press for obvious reasons.

    Am I getting the wrong end of the stick or have things gone pear shaped?
  2. Of course we are monitored, it is because the government fears us! Once we have our coup and my Einzatzgruppen storm Downing Street, we shall find our files!
  3. Uh....

    I'd love to comment, but........
  4. Recently had a chat with two sigs lads who informed me that they had been unofficially warned off ref a couple of comments (informally) as their boss had identified them and their Persec was poor.

    I am not too concerned about what I say but the comment ref the RLC poster and legal action does make you wonder :!:

    Another thread ref gary Glitter was just pulled as well, with no comment on why, enlighten us please MOD :?
  5. Im starting a new line in tin foil hats - All sizes available and made using only the finest mind ray deflective material. Order yours now and they will never get you
  6. Judging by most of the items submitted to this site I think the members could form an excellent Government , most are extremely sensible and would find immense support from the decent , hand working , tax paying , law abiding Britsh public
  7. It also comes in handy when operating BOWMAN I hear.....
  8. I'd have to decline a position in the political wing of arrse, I'm far too lazy, can't be trusted with money (especially other peoples) have a criminal record (Tempole Tudor, Swords of a thousend men) and I lie like the truth would kill me. hold on a moment......
  9. Of course we are monitored. Haven't you seen the adverts in the national press for the ARRSE monitoring team? Loads of vacancies.

    Are you serious? Do you think that anyone could actually read every post, identify ever user and then use that information?

    In all seriousness, I'm monitoring YOU, me n bee. I think you're a nutter.
  10. rre the submittion by theoriginalphantom ...... great you would make a perfect Prime Minister (of New Labour)
  11. I know Im being monitored - They are everywhere I tell you, everywhere!!!!! :x :x :x
  12. Interceptor.... how right you are in your assumption about me.... sleep well, sleep prepared......
  13. A vote for me is a vote for ARRSE!

    I promise to lie, cheat and steal from you all.. and tax you to death.
  14. Speaking generally, threads get pulled for one of the following:

    1. Something in the content might land the site/COs/Mods in trouble with libel laws (which we are subject to as the site is hosted by a UK ISP and being "anonymous" doesn't give us any legal protection against not moderating content);

    2. The thread has gone so far off topic it is impossible for a mod to get it back with a bit of editing or telling off;

    3. Some other site rule has been broken.

    You also have to remember the tenor by which we moderate. Although Int Cell is arguably about current affairs, rumours and news, it is much more "tabloid" so I let things stand in here that PtP wouldn't in CA because it is the serious bit of the site. Therefore if the thread doesn't meet the required standard of content he pulls it or moves it in here (usually).

    As for witch-hunts in my Corps, yes I am aware that they have gone on. Interestingly the last WO1 to conduct one never actually bothered to look at the site he was criticising others for using. The people he warned off however were passing comments in ways that all but named certain individuals from behind the cloak of (presumed) anonymity. As for others I know DLog reads it, as do a number of the red-tabbed brigade. One Maj Gen was a frequent poster until recently.
  15. The original poster was notified and enlightened.

    As for the CoC monitoring Arrse to exclusively identify miscreants?

    No. Poor Persec combined with gobbing off after a 6 pack of wife-beater on a Friday night is invariably the culprit. Though some very highly placed red-tabbed grownups do contribute items for discussion and analysis. But mostly in the Naafi Bar....

    Though sometimes, poor Persec can be very funny - "I need a new Gnome" lolololololol :D