Are we as good as we think? If so, why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. I'm still feeling slightly culpable about not guessing that today's bizarre, inane recruitment question would be predicated on Gilbert's Syndrome. Mind you, I did kill a spammer this morning, so the day hasn't been a total loss. Think I'll resume reading Shadows in the Sand.

  2. I agree as to Brits (or in deference to rhyming slang "hominys") Only problem was that when your furry friend Sgt Braille was staying with me he ate every drop of honey in the house.
  3. Is that one of those clown helicopters which hundreds of people come out of?
  4. Place in halfway creek just south of grafton. Called metro pet foods....
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  5. Grafton, that the joint with the purple trees?
  6. Isn't that where you start the climb up to Toowoomba?
  7. Having worked with yanks previously in Afghan and recently getting back from an exercise in yank land, I have to say I found the majority to be excellent blokes. Friendly, good humoured and professional.

    Only ever met two gob shites similar to these. Maybe they're just threaders because they have to buy their training gongs from the PX?
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  8. Look, now that the Blackberry network is back up, cant you just go back to sending "LOL" "OMG" and iother assorted bolox to your equally pathetic mates and leave this thread to the adults ??
    This was actually a sensible thread until you pair of tossers crayoned all over it.
    And as for all those Arrsers encouraging the *******, have a serious word with yourselves.

  9. The US 5th Fleet could take on the Royal navy right now and destroy it utterly.
    Brittania no longer rules anything let alone the waves.

    The 5 most powerful navies in the world are American

    If only John Paul Jones could see the Royal Navy now....Nelson himself would die of embarrasment.
  10. But we are living in different times to Nelson are we not and we dont need 5 of the biggest Navy's in the world for our little old country.

    So congratulations to you and America for having the 5 most powerful navy's in the world, with the largest logistics machine on earth to keep it going, how is that working out for you, do sleep any safer at night?
  11. No need to. Our Government is doing that job for us.
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  12. Oh look, The Transatlantic Troll is back! The ECT must have worn off.
  13. Oh **** no. Maybe he's on day release.
  14. Given your history of blue on blues, nothing would surprise me.
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  15. I can't believe 0311 is back. Might have to start trolling some yank forums.

    I'm not sure they'd get my subtle posts though.
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