Are we as good as we think? If so, why?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Serious question.

    The US for example, spends much more on kit and equipment and seems to take Doctrine very, very seriously.

    Are we as good as we think? Is it down to eg. Brecon, RMAS, Larkhill, Gib Barracks etc? Or are we just punchy sods who never give up?
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  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    We are very good at small unit operations - up to BG - but the US are way ahead of us at formation level and above. This has a lot to do with resources but also because they think a lot bigger than we do.
  3. We are as good as:

    a. Our manpower allows, and

    b. Our political masters allow.
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  4. A great topic , for my opinion I think as already stated we are best at Coy/Sqn level.At BG level our commanders are too tied to the plan layed down by our political masters.
  5. Its probably because we don't know when were beaten. A look back in history shows this perfectly.
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    As an outsider may I say this - every half decent military thinks they're shit hot.

    Are the Brits good - not bad but some of the stuff that people come up with does make one's eye's roll a bit.

    MOD is absolute crap. Too much acceptance of perceived wisdom. Refusal to learn from other's experience - I refer here to the mine resistant vehicle fiasco in current theatre of operations. It's not rocket science and it has all been done before - just not by you guys.

    Poor support from the Gov of the day.

    Too many higher ups with a eye on their pensions and the K rather than their responsibility to the men they lead.

    To be "good" an Army needs wars - so I would say that currently the British Army is probably the best it has been in terms of professional ability in the last 25 years.

    (edited in bold)
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  7. Schaden, I did mean to say that input from non British military would be particularly welcome, so thank you.
  8. Says it all - thanks 'Schaden'.
  9. "Punchy sods who never give up"....correct answer!! We always go to War with one boot missing,doesn,t make it right,but strength of character makes the British soldier the best in the world,not kit!
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Part Briton, part Celt, Part Roman, Part Angle,Part Saxon,Part Jute,Part Norse, Part Norman! we're just an angry bunch of piss head who are always up for a fight. And we inherently know is not just about the kit, its about the soldier on the ground and their ability to suck it up and fight on.
  11. ...and your evidence to support this. British Army officers, like British Army soldiers, are in it neither for the salary or the pension.

  12. I think many times we win through inspite of ourselves and that comes down to sheer bloody mindedness and wontgiveupedness of your average bloke and blokette at the pointy end.

    It would be nice though if our Lords and Masters would occasionally fund us the kit that would allow us to rely more on technical prowess and a bit less on guts and improvisation.
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  13. Yes but then the blokes would have less to snap about. Then they'd only be able to snap at the CoC rather than at shit kit...think about morale man!
  14. You are so right 'Bamber', so very right, but...........

    I fear that one day the source for 'the best in the world' will dry up. I doubt that the 'raw material' will disappear, but I fear that the 'inclination', the 'force' - whatever that may be (grandfather's efforts; father's efforts), will be dissipated or disappear.

    In posts I frequently denigrate 'young people'. I do this as a result of observation and report. These 'young people' are of course, the same 'raw material' victorious at Crecy; at Agincourt; at Blenheim; at Copenhagen; at the Nile; at Trafalgar; at Waterloo; at countless battles the world over.

    The 'Iron Duke' summed it up when, so it is reported, that he said of his infantry:

    'I do not know what they do to the enemy, but my God they frighten me'.

    The British infantryman is peerless and those that support him are not far behind.

    Sadly, in a nation run by Brown, whose hatred and disdain for the Army will become part of our history, there are not enough of them; they are still ill-equipped; they are not cared for when hurt; and, they are appallingly badly paid - but they are, everyone of them, IRREPLACEABLE!

    The scum; the illiterate; the appalling filth roaming so many of our streets, due to lack of education and parental care or control, would, will, become the best infantry soldiers ever known - given half a chance!

    No! I am not a bleeding heart, I am a realist who has observed soldiers for thirty six years and civilians for almost as long.
  15. We undoubtedly punch above our weight and as previously mentioned up to Battle group level we are amongst the best. Sadly an army however is the sum of its parts and with only 2 deployable divisions and probably not enough kit for both those we are no where near the top if it came to straight up fight with another army such as the Yanks Chinese etc quantity has a quality all of its own.

    There is no shame in this we have no need for a huge standing army and are from a nation traditionally anti large standing armies. With the exception of possibley the new model army under Cronwell and the force that took the field during the last hundred days of 1918 we can never have claimed to truly have been the best army in the world.
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