Are we all going to starve.........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kay44, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Watched a well interesting programme on about when oil finally runs out then so is food!
    Oil is used in every single aspect of food production, from putting fertilizers in the soil to packaging, our soil is in such bad condition that we even need oil based things to help that! And the tractors all use oil to drive round the feilds. what will we do......
    And that programme shows how bad the situation is!!
    Its on i player, that natural world programme
  2. Back to the horse and harrow/plough/seeder and loads of home cooking, methinks. Hoorah
  3. OMG Don't say there's yet another "Doom & Gloom" documentary out there. I'm topping myself right now. The media loves making these types of docy's because it plays on peoples fears i.e. YOURS. What they fail to point out is 1) Oil is not likely to run out for 500 years or so. b) There are substitute lubricants available. and c) Food was produced and still is produced WITHOUT any oil based help at all.

    Bottom line is: Don't get sucked in by all of the doom and gloomers, it will drive you nuts.
  4. It's all a scam to get us to buy more of this:

  5. cyberpunk dystopian futures was always my fav SF ... and how I get to live it .... Hurrah!
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The oil companies will just roll out their 'alternative fuel source' (just like the cure for cancer ;) ) they have had for years, and charge x2 or x3 times for the use of it.

    Even if we all have to eat gruel, rice or whatever, its not as drastic as the doom mongers are making out. The more expensive it gets/more scarce the supply, the more countries such as U.S.A, China and Russia will invade territories/terriorial waters to get to those untapped/under exploited supplies.

    Still, perhaps its time to review whether or not to apply for a bolt action rifle/shotgun licence. For the zombie apocalypse/tin foil hat scenario's of course...
  7. The Law of Unexpected Consequences throws up another aspect of our oil-dependancy that still on-and-off worries me: what happens to all that salt we bombard our roads with every winter winter to keep the cars moving? Nobody comes round in Springtime with a dustpan and brush to sweep it up, so where does it go?

    Salt on roads, rain falls, salt runs off into water table...

    Sowing ground with salt, traditional method for denying enemies decent harvests for years...

    Small island nation dependent on oil-based transport to bring adequate food supplies into the country from overseas...

    Anyone thinking of starting up a hydroponics farm might be advised to buy up a few patents while they can.
  9. Fossil fuel dervived oil might well eventually run out, though probably not until China has finished it empire building...

    However, oils can be produced from a whole range of renewable materials e.g. rapeseed, fish and palm trees and through various refining techniques can be turned into practically anything that petrochemical oils can be used for.

    Food is not likely to run out as a consequence of oil extracted from the ground. Fresh water on the other hand is going to be a whole new ball park in the next fifty years.
  10. In urban areas, maybe - but how many miles of sewers are there under the roads in rural areas where our crops are grown?
  11. on the programme it showed a giganitc field of rape seed and saind the oil from that would be used in less then a second.
    On their there on about not farming cerial has its wheat farimg thats the big thing and turning the soil, so create woodland farms where nature naturaly turns the soil with its worms and things and we can grow nuts and alsorts, and grow more in less space then a wheat field.
  12. Certainly, per litre of petrochemical oil vs. litre of oil derived from alternative sources, the energy density is less, however like much in our global society, alternative means often also require a rethinking of effective use. Current consumption of petrochemicals will continue to increase and consumers will have to adjust eventually to what resources are available. Thus, one would expect to see less dependence on the internal combustion engine and more on electric motor and compressor based vehicles. For fertilizers and their like, there are organic alternatives and better crop rotation cycles which can help the output of a typical cereal farm.
  13. Never mind oil - water is the main problem and will cause problems in the next 10 years.
  14. we'd need a whole county or more to provide hours of oil use! Its our crop rotation that is killing the soil thus making us use fertalizers to put nutrients back in the soil. if we diddent rotate the soil we wouldent have dead soil that needs artificial nutrients which are based on oil.
    Healthy living nutritionl soil is basicly that cause of worms turning it.
    Maybe we should just find something else to eat instead of cerial and carbs being our staple.
    ooo listen to me lol. These things are interesting though.
  15. Cut to the quick M8...will Pizza Hut still be doing deliveries on fridays...'n' will I be able to get a curry after 11.00 p.m on Saturday at the Taj Mahal Sidcup, Kent...long as thats on I'll sleep easy.... :lol: