Are we a write off at the 20 yr point?

A bloke gets to his 20 year point and gets told that there is no chance of promotion due to his time left to serve as there is not enough time left for 2 more ARs in his sub rank, although the ARs are good.

When he signs a Mid-Term appraisal and gets told that it will be good for civvi street!

When he gets told that some courses will be unavailable due to time left!

Is it time to stop trying and do the minimum required??????????
That sort of news has been dished out for a while and my thoughts on it vary between "the army being complete b4stards" and "Well they are being open and honest" depending on how it's done.

The way it's done also tips the individual towards the two possible ways of handling it. Either switch off and ride the wave to my pension or soldier on and fit resettlement in where I can.

You have to remember that a soldier should be starting their resettlement interviews with two years out and even without being told you're now marking time some take that as the cue to start coasting.

:idea: My advice is to keep doing your best right to the end no matter what sh1t they throw at you... people will notice and it's setting a good example for others.... but then it's easy to say huh?
We ae currently being told that depending on what rank you are you can still be selected for promotion (if eligable) in your last year and can be extended for two years to complete a tour in that rank ?

If you believe in the dark underworld that is known as records then this may be a ploy to encourage soldiers to perform well up to the last minute. But I doubt that theory.

I know of WO2s and WO1s who have been extended beyond 22 years on promotion.

But tradition as mentioned in an earlier post is for soldiers at 20 years + to switch off and start ressettleing, you need to prepare for Civ Div well in advance so why not ?



It has been said before, if you wait til your last 2 years to resettle- you are too late. Five years to go- sort it out.

The last two year trap reflects only on how proffessional you are or have been. You can cruise out doing enough not to be Courts-Martialled or you can carry on at 100%. The result is much the same- you will get out to a job or you will leave with a nervous breakdown.

Remember you are a just a number, 245&%145, who is giving up a promotion slot and leaving- when you have- await the brown envolope, go to Chilwell and do a tour.

Enjoy it whilst you can because it will end one day and you will fall into the rejects box at the end of the conveyor belt. They might get you out for the odd tour or if you join the TA!
Well said that man ! Whats your name again ?

I agree with QMan you have to start planning 5 years before the end. But I also believe that you should give 110% until the day you do leave.

A question of pride !
New Q said:
Well said that man ! Whats your name again ?

I agree with QMan you have to start planning 5 years before the end. But I also believe that you should give 110% until the day you do leave.

A question of pride !

Totally agree New Q, "a question of pride", it is a scary thought leaving the "fold" after basicly what amounts to your whole working life to this point, I went through it, was sh*t scared at the prospects of posting to civ div , but if you maintain your professioanlism, initiative and knowledge of "how to get things done" when you land in this alien world we call "civvy street" believe me you will be ok , I would never imagined 20 years ago I would be dong and earning what I do now , and I work alongside some very highly qualified people, but what I brought to the show , was common sense, the ability to get the job done, and believe it or not this goes a long long way with companies in civ div , being able to motivate those around you,
Its not all doom and gloom out here, and when you have done 20+ years in the military ,in most cases you have a wealth of experience to offer , do not be detered by those with pieces of paper hanging on the walls , they dont have things hanging off there chests and have still to prove themselves .
Hang in there mate, despite what records say, you just might get promoted in your last two years. You will still be boarded with those who have longer left to offer, but in the event that there are no 'younger' soldiers qualified or experienced enough to take the spot, then 'it could be you'.

There is an inclination to tell them to poke it, but you don't want to go burning your bridges. It's an insult to be told that you will be marking time for your last 2 yrs, but you never know just whats round the corner. Might be fcuk all, but you want to appear the best if there is. If your peers are taking the 'laid back' attitude, then you will most definatley be the man if there is a slot to fill. Why don't you ask for an extension beyond 22yrs nearer the time? It'll give you the extra couple of years in the mob and you can still get promoted. Make enquiries now. Also make enquiries outside your own badge.

If you like the life and fancy the TA when you go, the TA will want to see at least your last 3 ACRs. If they are good enough and there's a slot, you might just step up to the next rank. You never know, so keep doing your best.

There are times where I feel like telling them to poke it, especially when you see some of the chods above you who are marking time until pension day and basically holding up the younger element's promotion prospects, but I've far too much self respect and pride in what I do. I doubt that you are any different to the vast majority of us who keep slogging on.

Dependant upon what you do for your monthly wage, you just might find that there will be opportunities for extensions of service.

Never give up mate, they may never notice you, but at least you'll go home knowing that you tried harder that day than any other cnut!

Somebody somewhere just might be watching you.
PS. As for starting your ressettlement at the 5 yrs to go bit, be careful as the working environment changes out there a lot faster than it does in the mob. Any vocational qualifications you get now may be out of date in 5 years, as working practices change. I'm not saying that it will be the case in all instances mind you. 2 years is sufficient if you plan carefully and manage your time properly and go on the courses you've booked (don't put the mob first here....once you're gone that's it). If you have an idea of what you'd like to do when you do go, see if there is a course (academic) or otherwise which you can do outside you ressettlement entitlement. Tip for the top........pop up to your local AEC and have a chat with an ETS Officer (preferably one of the LEs, who will have a better understanding than the DEs). Be the best half hour you've spent in a long time. They'll tell you everything you need to know or at least point you in the direction of a man who can. Remember that you are entitled to claim your extended learning credits as well (£3k which you can take with you when u go). Get registered now, don't miss out , its not available after 6 Apr 04. Also see what little courses you can get from the Army now (H & S etc.......all good things). You just might get something in your second last year of service, doubt you'll get anything in your last year.

I had a spell in civvy st for a couple of years. It's not as bad as its painted. They are not so much interested in what rank you were as it makes no sense to most of them anyway, but they are interested in what skills and qualifications you have.

I was even in the TA........which should choke PtP and QMan.

Baddas was a STAB!

PPS. Ressettlment Officers are fine......but they've never really left the Army as most if not all are ROs on a nice little earner, so they are no experts on civilian life, so take what they say with a pinch of salt. You're just another number to them.

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