Are we a nation of chavs?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Keele University seems to think so...


    Let he amongst you who is without sin, etc.
  2. Not guilty.
  3. I'm from Scotland No Chav tar brush for me good fella Ned will suffice :p
  4. Why am I the criminal if I pay, say, a builder in cash?
    Surely it is up to him to 'hand in' the tax?
  5. Please sir, I'm no chav! (Although...the wrongful use of identification probably includes using someone else's to get served...bother!)

  6. I dare say an argument could be made for 'conspiracy to defraud', particularly if the asking price were re-he-heely low.

    The point here isn't what can or can't be proved in a court of law, but are you doing something you know to be a bit dodgy? Seems most people routinely do and feel entirely justified in doing so.
  7. If the "asking price were re-he-heely low", I would have thought he was a cowboy and not employ him.....

    PS. I dont do cheques (edit) anymore and maybe they dont have a card reader with them?
  8. Not me or most of the people i know, except for my oxygen thief brother, but chavs are taking over the country with their rat like breeding and dependency on benefits, lager and crime.

    They're breeding more chavs for the future too with very few of their many offspring escaping this self chosen lifestyle.
  9. I think there us a difference between nicking a couple of pens from work or paying the plumber in cash, and smashing windows and stealing cars every night.
  10. Phrased in emotive terms, I grant you, but the basic premise is simple:

    If you decide that certain forms of illegal activity are ok because they're not really crimes are they?, then can you claim the moral high ground over those who commit the same act in different and more highly visible circumstances? If you fiddle your insurance claim, are you any better than someone who fiddles their dole claim?

    In other words, does the fact that a biro costs far less than a car make taking it without the owner's knowledge and consent any less 'stealing'?

    We all decry the way lack of respect for the law seems to be rife, but would we pass through the eye of a needle in a genuine 'Zero Tolerance' Policy ourselves?
  11. Perks of the job? Actually, having a job to have perks is probably the difference.
  12. If your employer agrees, then yes. If not, it's still stealing.
  13. Yes agreed.
  14. Hmm, this would be the same Keele Uni that got in the sh1t recently because its students were using Facebook (or somesuch internet chat thingy) to defame the lecturers. Nation of chavs? No. Uni of chavs? Yes!
  15. It's not the chav students that did the research. You can tell, it's got big words spelled properly, all the punctuation's correct and it runs to more than 3 pages because the authors could write that much without losing concentration or giving birth.

    It's a pukka piece of research and points up something we all, if we're honest, recognise.