Are we a Democracy or a Banana Republic ?

Two Lib Dems arrested over Election Rigging.

AS the police still investigate 100s of cases of election rigging events from last year, signs are Libdems and Labour, are at it again.

A Liberal Democrat Birmingham city councillor and a candidate for election to the council have been arrested on suspicion of electoral fraud.

Zaker Choudhry (Muslim), who represents the Bordesley Green ward, and Mohammed Saeed (Muslim), nominated in the same ward, have both been suspended from the party.

West Midlands Police said two men, aged 42 and 52, were arrested on Tuesday at two addresses in Small Heath.

They have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

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cernunnos said:
Two muslims, undermining democracy. Can anyone detect a common theme developing?
If it wasn't bad enough that vote rigging was a past time activity between prayers for the Muslim community in England.


Now Labour have introduced Voting on the Internet.

The government yesterday admitted that it was aware of security concerns about internet votes being cast in local elections in England tomorrow.

The Department for Constitutional Affairs said it had been made aware of potential loopholes in some pilot schemes allowing people to vote online, but said it believed security procedures were robust enough to withstand attempts by hackers to rig the ballot.

However, internet security experts told the Guardian some systems being used were "catastrophically weak. We are very confident that we could take over all their systems and rig the vote any way we wanted," said one researcher, who asked to remain anonymous.

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We aren't a Banana Republic. A Banana Republic would allow the decision on whether or not to prosecute the Prime Minister over financial impropriety and the award of honours to be made by the PM's best mate.

Oh... :oops:
This is nothing - wait till you hear about the (alleged) vote rigging scandal in Leeds Beeston. Will be in all your newspapers soon.
King_of_the_Burpas said:
This is nothing - wait till you hear about the (alleged) vote rigging scandal in Leeds Beeston. Will be in all your newspapers soon.
No chance of a precis on here then?
Bat Crab, check this site out. Very good at hints of naughtiness in politics. Postal voting fraud is going to fcuk this week's elections right up.

Here are some names to watch (no bother with libel here, MODS, their names are already in the public domain) Graham Hyde, Leeds Labour Councillor, and Keith Wakefield.
Vote rigging in full swing for May elections

NOW Election candidate is suspended.

The Labour party has suspended a candidate standing in the Mansfield District Council elections over allegations of breaching election law.

Victor Jennings was the Labour party candidate in the Birklands ward.

The party told the BBC it was no longer endorsing his candidacy and he had been instructed to make a full and frank statement to police.

Nottinghamshire Police said an election fraud allegation was reported over the weekend and was being investigated.

(I) very much regret my actions
Victor Jennings

The Labour party said Mr Jennings had been suspended from the party with immediate effect following allegations of a "serious breach of election law".

In a statement, issued through his solicitor Paul Bacon, Mr Jennings said he accepted his nomination form was invalid and was currently waiting to be interviewed by the police.

He added: "I accept my responsibility. I wish for voters in the Birklands ward to know this in advance of the election so that they do not waste their vote in trying to elect me on Thursday.

"I thank the people who have supported me so far and very much regret my actions."

The full story:
A Banana republic is generally characterised by:

a. Bent politicians at all levels.
b. Overpaid, overbearing and interfering police officers who seem to have better things to do than tackling crime.
c. Election rigging, should elections still be held.
d. Control of and use of the media by politicians for their own interests.
e. Stringent control of firearms in private possetion to prevent rebellion.
f. Invasion of privacy on a massive scale using cameras and phone tapping.
g. Reduction of civil freedoms: right to protest, right to strike, open bank accounts, walk about without ID cards etc.
h. Increased use of the military, to divert public attention away from home issues.
i. Political inertia in important issues due to the funds being used to feather nests.
j. Bananas are always availlable in the shops.

Ten out of ten Britain!
And apparently the BNP are being persecuted like the Jews in pre-war Nazi Germany - Isn't that right o mighty political pundit that is Snorkel?

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