Are ve a tinsy winsy bit jealous...

For purile and banal interest only, it's comforting to see continued interest in our monarchy by our Republican european neighbours.

I sense at times they cast a confused and maybe envious eye over in our direction, wondering if Britain remains a smidgeons more colourful than their drab, euro-bland-noted existences... and do I detect a remaining fascination with Ze House of Vindsor from our teutonic cousins. Probably not really.


Little Englander...

I sincerely hope this actress has donned a spitting image style 'facepiece'... if not, 'poor lass'!

Goose stepping Liz
I thought 'that salute' was illegal in Deutchland?

BTW, does he really think anyone here will go to see his mocking of our Queen? I think not.

Read the attached:

In the play, a comical looking Queen, played by German actress Karin Witt, is seen giving a Hitler salute, something which is illegal in the country but is allowed on stage under artistic licence.

All becomes clear Jah

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