Are trade standards dropping in the sausage factory?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by winged_messenger, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Just want to know what people think about the new sprogs arriving from Blandford to their units. The operators arriving in mine don't appear to have that much trade knowledge-I know the operators have combined but that shouldn't be an excuse!
  2. What specific trade knowledge are they lacking?
  3. Antennae calculations, the ability to touch type and basic fault finding to name a few. I know they are class threes and meant to be supervised but they can now be lance jacks after their first c.r. and so should at least be a reasonable standard.
  4. Training is moving away from equipment focused skills. Why bother about antena calculations, you just unwind the braid till you get to your frequency?
    Also touch typing??? As long as the operators can use the keyboard and work their way through applications, then job done. Also isn't the staff officer going write up his message and then press send??? Bypassing the COMMCEN by using MS Exchange or something similar.
  5. Where are you that requires antenna calculations? I thought that went out ages ago.
  6. Now there's a whinge that's been going on since time immemorial. The standard of sprogs from the trade training factory was being whinged about in the 60s (19, that is, not 18) and probably before that. The common cry of "this lot aren't as good as us lot was" should become the new R Sigs motto, "non ut bonus ut nos" beats Certa Cito hands down.
  7. Once out in Civ Div, ability to touch type comes in handy, along with knowing the other stuff about Ae calcs etc, if you want to stay in Comms, there's still a need to know the basics (Ohms law etc) - I've interviewed a few lads who've left the Corps recently, and their standard of what would be considered basic tech knowledge was pretty poor to be honest. Don't know what they are being taught in Basic Trade Trg, nor for resettlement, but it's not matching what they need to know out here in the Civvy Comms world - sorry to disappoint!
    If anyone thinks they're going to walk into a £25k job out in the world straight from 6 years in green (all the applicants seem to have done 6 and got out), got another thing coming - all that NVQ Level 3 indicates is a very basic ability, and the standards need to be above that, even for an entry level position.
  8. In your experience, what engineering jobs have required touch typists?
  9. Really? I can touch type, but it's not the sort of thing I would ever mention to a potential employer 8O
  10. The noise of the keyboard works well with my boss when I'm crunching out code but yes not on the CV, it'd sound a bit gay.
  11. The School are not teaching people to be employable in Civ Div as you say,

    They are teaching to be employable in the Signals that's that's what they joined for!!
  12. Typing is still required in certain specialist squadrons and for everyone who thinks calculations isn't needed the markings on bowman braid still moves and so should only be used as a guide.
    Basic maths - Core skills or Corps skills?
  13. has it not been the case for a while to push the output of the factory, where quality was not really the main aim, but allow the units to bring the said soldier up to speed within so many months?
  14. I think antenna calculation is still a neccessary requirement, I'll give you that, even if the all singing and dancing Bowman braids are idiot proof. As for touch typing, give me a break. Fault finding is an art best learned on the job from a Dett Commander that really knows what to look for as opposed to a civvie instructor who's kit is in immaculate condition.
  15. Well once the useless cuunts stop changing the trades/mixing them up then maybe the Corps could get back on track...How many trade changes in how many years..Lots of people dont know what they are anymore...As for modular trade trg,unit dependant, then yes there are going to be even more problems..