Are too many gay culturd TV programs aimed at kids?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Scally, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Are too many gay cultured TV programs aimed at kids? Like Saturday morning kid's programs, game shows and such alike. Won't this confuse already very confused teens?

    I say this as a council in Sussex has just started a counselling program for under 13's who are confused about sexual orientation!
  2. Maybe it is just me (??) - but I dont really say where the confusion comes in unless there are people there to suggest it.....

    either a guy grows up wanting to dick anything with a pulse and a nice pair of t*ts, or he doesnt.

    Where is the possible confusion??

    (am sure there is a suitable alternative line for the girls growing up - just didnt take the time to think of it!)
  3. I think due to the PC movement, its now "fashionable" to be gay and there are far too many "gay role models" on the TV.

    I am not homophobic, i have gay friends, but All i see on saturday and sunday TV (i dont see much during the week) is outrageously Camp blurks mincing around on teen TV.

    My personal view is enough is enough, i teach males and females 11-18 and i know what these poor lads are going through as they come and ask my opinion on a many different subjects including sex and sex orientation, i cant believe how many young males think they are gay,

    Now it cant just be that "most male teens are all of a sudden queer as a bottle of chips?" i believe its more likely that confusion has been replaced with a projected lifestyle by the TV set and a lack of family values (see to inforce moral and family guidance.


    Awaiting incoming.
  4. One hopes this 'counselling' takes the form of 20 minutes milling then a soapy t i t w a n k from a pair of local whores.
  5. I am not so sure, same could be said for all the fine young ladies on morning TV with there norks half out.

    I don't think it will make much of a difference, should we only have Christians on children’s TV too? They might start asking questions about religion and sexual orientation if not. Infact you could apply the same thing to loads of stuff children see, end of the day they are going to ask whatever happens.
  6. Bring back feckin Tiswas. That'll sort 'em out.
  7. Splendid idea!
  8. have always felt that 'dick 'n' dom in da bungalow is suspect.

    btw scally, there is a nice chav avtor for you :wink:
    in the avtor selection bit :wink: :lol:
  9. Pompey_Jock is right. Being gay isn't a 'lifestyle choice', it's simply a fact of life. What you view on the box isn't going to affect your sexual orientation one way or t'other. Besides, I'm not aware of any 'gay cultured programmes for kids'.

    As for counselling for the under 13s, I'm not a child psychologist, but I can remember having some sexual awareness before I was 13, even though I may not have fully understood what it was.
  10. I had my first porn-stash by the age of 10, should I have received some sort of counselling? :?
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yeah - for having wasted valuable time in waiting until you were ten !

  12. Trouble is, most of the 'luvvies' who work in and run TV land are 'rectal raiders' and believe their way of life is ok and due to them being in a position of influence feel that they should try and convert young influential kids into thinking that swallowing a gob full of man muck from someone called 'Gerald' is totally normal.

    Well, it aint.

    Sally James cavorting around on a saturday morning wearing leather hot pants is, and a childs education needs nothing more to set them off in the right direction of allowing the human race to repopulate itself. (My sister was more of a Swap shop fan. Not my cup of tea you understand but it was a damn site butcher than this current batch of Hom TV with effeminate presenters who feel the need to appear as 'genderless'). Ill bet the phantom flan flinger would have t wa ted the feckers then given Maggie Philbin something to hang her bath towels on.

    Im am leading a campaign to stop 'Gay TV' and bring back Tiswas, The Proffesionals and Superstars. Anyone care to join the revolution??
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Who ?

    Must be before my time
  14. I am currently going through the mental torture of having to watch, the Fimbles, Tweenies, Teletubbies, etc etc

    They are crap, what happened to the Mr Men, good wholesome stories about arsonists torching places and rock hard fellas lifting barns and filling them with water in order to quash the arsonists attempts.

    My nipper sits watching fixated, all I can think is how far a Tweenie would fly if I belted the cnut right on his foamy chin.

    I'm with Flash, bring back proper kids programmes. and the Young ones :D

    Also if you watch CBBC every preseneter is an ethnic......... sit still the PC brigade..not a dig but.. Can we not recruit our own brain dead halfwits in bright dungarees to over egg everything they say and bring you to the point of ultra violence without ever meeting you, without scouring the shores of Fuzzy wuzzy island in order to recruit someone fromt he 'tribe of the annoying bastard'

    Where is Brian Cant?????? Why is Playaway no more?
  15. Oi Cant, where are you?