Are this lot worse than the bankers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kilo42, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. We hear a lot about the blight of the banking profession, but to my way of thinking these compensation law firms are as bad if not worse.

    I wonder if our illustrious leaders will see their way clear to putting a stop to these spive lawyers that seem to be everywhere nowadays.

    This below from the DM is perhaps fairly indicative of what these firms do and how they are costing each of us in increased insurance premiums.

    An outfit called Marsden Rawsthorn sued Mrs Taylor on behalf of a gasman who slipped on a wet floor at her cafe in Preston, Lancs. Richard Newsham said he broke two ribs in the fall and in 2008 was awarded £2,000 compensation in an out-of-court settlement.
    Marsden Rawsthorn then presented Mrs Taylor with an invoice for £20,000 for work they had done on their client’s behalf.

    Mrs Taylor appealed against the size of the demand, but this week a court upheld the company’s enormous bill. She has now been ordered to pay them £30,087.39, which includes interest and a ‘success fee’, at a rate of £1,500 a month. Mrs Taylor can’t afford it and now faces losing both her cafe and her home.
    Quite how the Preston branch of Blame Direct managed to clock up such a large bill is unclear. Their fee is ten times as much as Mrs Taylor’s own lawyers charged her to defend the case.
    Until 2000, solicitors in ‘no win, no fee’ cases could only claim their costs from their own clients. Then New Labour — a party of lawyers, for lawyers, by lawyers — changed the law to allow them to reclaim their costs from the losing party.

    Read more: Slippery Uncle Sam spawned the vultures of Blame Direct | Mail Online
  2. Yes but the silly cow said herself she has been challenging it for years yet she can't understand how the the amount has escalated. Does she think all the solicitors [read as : ambulance chasers] work pro-bono?
  3. Are this lot worse than the Bankers? Not in my opinion.
  4. Silly moo skipped on public liability insurance and then decided to fight on and on :(
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  5. Whether she is a silly moo or not is besides the point. The article is right in its premise that we [joe public] are paying for these often spurious clams by the increase in insurance premiums. What ever happened to common sense and personal responsibility?
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  6. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Personally I think they're much worse than bankers, or indeed the people who are rigging the gilt market which is really shafting pensioners and savers at the moment.

    In the last few weeks I've lost count of the number of times I've been offered their help to get compensation for mis-sold PPI. I've never ever bought PPI in my life.

    And when a gentleman driver reversed slowly into my stationary car two years ago, another lot hassled me for weeks to claim for a whiplash injury. b@stards one and all.
  7. It's similar to the "whiplash" and credit hire car scams going on. Long-term it is bad for all of us as it pushes insurance premiums up to unaffordable levels.

    Edit to add:

    Then because insurance is unaffordable more people tkae the risk of driving without it. Then if there's an accident there's no reparation...
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  8. And rewards dishonesty, handsomely.

    I hate them all with equal fury.
  9. Most bankers are hard working professionals who perform an essential role and keep the economy moving. It's unfair to compare them to the 'no win, no fee - we'll pay you to **** over your employer' compensation firms*.

    *Though there are some legitimate compensation law firms out there also.
  10. "Lawyers are money grabbing bastards who'd sacrifice their first born child for the right price" is up their with, "Rugby Player drinks beer. Shocker."

    In answer to the original question: no, they are not worse than Bankers. Not even close. It's a matter of scale rather than morality: the greed and corruption of the Banks has damn near crippled the economy. Lawyers are small fry by comparison. It's the difference between a cockroach and a plague of locusts...
  11. Just a different kind of leech.
  12. You are not going with ARRSE orthodoxy which is that THE OAF BROON destroyed the economy...

    Edit to add:

    Of course bankers did it. I mean people paid largely in share options have every interest in destroying the organisation they work for :roll:
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  13. Oh yes there us as the mong I sued found out....

    How will I pay that bill and compo?
    Your going to have to sell your house cnut..
  14. Fixed that for you. You have had a good day on the crack pipe today....

    Bankers are solely there to make money for their shareholders and themselves - not drive the economy, my arrrse.
  15. I'll wait until the outcome of my claim before I pass comment...