Are they worth the money/time/resources

This has probably been done before, so I am sure I'll be informed so but I am currently serving in an Army Reserve unit,(as a regular soldier), in a country south of the equator and my concern/frustration is this. Our reserves are technically suppose to be able to back up the Regular Army, but in my unit we would be lucky to have most of em parade on a Tuesday night let alone go to the sandpit. Sometimes I feel they are just in it for the tax free somolians and to gob off in the boozer on the rare occasion they turn up. My Battalion has a manning of 254... but I have never ever seen more than 50 turn up. We are so small and poorly manned that the CO will never do Battalion exercise but stick to section size ones. So, I suppose my question is: Is the British TA any different in the fact that they could deploy and take over the role of a Reg unit or do you have the same problems. Ultimately I would love to abolish the Reserve and pour all that money back into the Regular Army. I must say though that the Reserves that do turn up are committed and keen, but are let down by the majority.

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