Are they trying to lie their way to more tax ?

Are the air-polluters really being assassinated by the East ?

  • No, it's a feeble attempt at double taxing smokers.

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  • Yes, the government wouldn't dream of telling porkies.

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  • I couldn't give a rat's arrse, let the feeble-minded addicts turn their lungs into kippers

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From the Home Office:
"Poisoned cigarettes from eastern europe and China are being imported into the UK. They contain not only high levels of tar and nicotine but also cancer-causing chemicals such as arsenic and lead."

Is this the voice of concern by a benevolent junta, sorry, I mean government ?
Or is it perhaps the squawking scaremongering of a grasping elder male sibling desperate for more dosh to placate the Party faithful ?

The politicos have instructed us that blind obedience to europe and an utterly free market is a jolly good idea, and it was they and Brussels that removed the Duty Free allowances for travellers between seperate countries.
So when the public, (or in Bliarspeak, the 'minions',) act within the law they fly into a frothing rage.
When tax on cigarettes is paid in one country and the free market is used as intended, both 'Honest' Blind Pugh and his predecessor The Great Satan describe it as an 'anti-social crime.'
Or did they mean a crime against the People's Republic of Blairland ?

Mevrou Marlboro of sunny Amsterdam can buy her coffin nails over the border in Boxhead land, pay the tax there and still save, but those in power wish to deny Fagash Lil of Folkestone the same opportunity because more shekels are needed for governmental beanfeasts.

Or perhaps I'm being too cynical entirely, perhaps the Sleeping Tiger in conjunction with the former WAPA countries really is trying to slowly poison the nation's addicts......


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Cuts, if you don't want to pay the tax, don't smoke the cancer sticks.

This is from the BBC.

Fake cigarettes 'more hazardous'

Can you be sure you know what you're smoking?
The growing number of fake cigarettes coming into the UK contain high levels of hazardous substances, the government has warned in a new campaign.
The counterfeit goods are not only illegal but pose an extra health hazard to smokers buying them, warn ministers.

Criminal gangs have the cigarettes made mainly in Eastern Europe and China to look like well-known brands.

More than a million fakes - containing high levels of substances like lead and arsenic - are seized daily in the UK.

The illegal tobacco market grew rapidly during the 1990s, when cigarettes were exported from the UK to avoid tax and then smuggled back in and sold on the black market.

A government campaign managed to stem the supply, but the criminal gangs involved have now switched tactics and started manufacturing fake cigarettes, often sold in pubs.

Smuggled goods now make up 15% of the UK cigarette market.

Customs will continue to crack down on this illicit market and the organised criminals who run it

Customs minister John Healey

The campaign launched on Wednesday is encouraging smokers to boycott the fake goods.

Customs minister John Healey said new research showed buying cigarettes from smuggled sources could now also be "downright dangerous".

He told BBC News: "Smoking's bad enough but the risk to people's health from these fake cigarettes is even greater.

"These have hugely higher levels of tar, nicotine and some of the cancer-causing chemicals lead and arsenic."

He said 85% of cheap cigarettes sold illegally in London, and more than half of all smuggled cigarettes seized nationally, were counterfeit.

Kidney disease

In three London hotspots - Holloway Road, Dalston and Whitechapel - officials found all cigarettes tested were counterfeit.

Mr Healey appealed for help from the public in the form of information about where gangs were operating.

Independent research carried out at St Andrews University showed fake cigarettes being sold in the UK contained five times as much cadmium as genuine cigarettes.

Cadmium can severely damage the lungs and is linked with kidney disease.

Fakes also carry nearly six times as much lead, which damages the organs and nervous system, especially in children.

High levels of arsenic, which increases the risks of lung, liver and other cancers, were also found, said Customs.

Further research by an independent laboratory showed counterfeit cigarettes seized by Customs also contained 160% more tar, 80% more nicotine and 133% more carbon monoxide than genuine cigarettes.

The government says any brand can be faked, and many smokers are unaware of the fact cheap cigarettes may not be genuine, nor of the added health risk they contain
The Gov should reduce the price of smokes in this country then, then people wouldnt have to buy knock off ciggys from some dodgy dealers in the first place.
increase the tax on fags and therefore decrease the tax on fuel. Simple :D


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If only it were that simple. The latest figures that I can lay my hands on, are from the C&E website ( and they relate to the financial year 2002-03.

Oil Duty receipts = £22.147 Billion
Tobacco Duty = £ 8.055 Billion.

No matter how much you smoke, tobacco is never going to replace oil in Mr Brown's affections.
Unfortunately this will cost us all dear. If people insist on smoking they may not notice the difference in 'flavour' of their favourite poison.

It may only become apparent when they are all in the queue for chemotherapy at some later stage. Less healthy (?) cigs will put more burden on NHS and therefore use more of everyones tax pound.

Maybe there should be some priority process whereby non self induced sufferers get an advantage on the NHS waiting list?

My mum and dad both passed from smoke induced cancers by the way so it is a subject dear to my heart.
Filbert Fox said:
increase the tax on fags and therefore decrease the tax on fuel. Simple :D
And reduce the tax on alcohol, then reduce MP's iffy allowances.

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