Are they real or what??? Contract OPFOR!

that could be another earner, I've got me own gear honest! what about MTDs?


None of my gear would fit now! Thats if I could remember who I flogged it to!
Cool chance to be a mercenary without the live rounds bit :D .Looks dodgy though .
All the chief execs credentials should be traceable. They seem to be quite open about who they are and what they have done.


That means that recce pln are redundant!


so thats what andy capps commandos do nowadays!
This company are for real. They have submitted a bid to get the OPFOR contract and will be told in July if they have been successful or not. They are contacting units and personnel to try and build up a database of individuals who would be interested in doing contract work for them. There is no need to worry about MTDs as the comany will be paying you as an individual not through your TA unit. You will be employed by them and not the MOD. I checked with my Bde and 2 Div and we were told that we could advertise them but it is up to the individuals whether they work with them or not. It is a case of checking the contract yourself and signing up if you want to.
So, your PAX will be invalid and any injuries incurred you have your self to blame!!!!!!!!!!!
well now i have heard it all wonder if they will be joining us in the big sand pit

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