Are they meant to do that?

A few months ago I had a couple of transactions on my debit card that wern't me. I contacted the bank etc etc, got 1 re-debited almost straight away and the second re-debited a week or so ago after a bit ot a mix up - which was fine.

Anyway, after signing a couple of disclaimers, i've been sent another one this morning basically asking to confirm that it wasn't me. In this one though is the complete order form from the website containing what was bought, email address and delivery address! Are a bank supposed to give information out about the person thats just robbed them? Fair play to them though if they have investigated it.

Anyone live in reading? :twisted: :twisted:
If the thief used your name, the bank haven't disclosed any confidential data because they haven't identified the individual.

I would be sorely tempted, however, to ask the bank to confirm in writing that they have reported the matter to the police, and provided them with the evidence of a delivery address and email. Almost certainly they won't have.
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Oooo too much info there ;)

wheelchairwarrier said:
Mr Braveheart
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Oooo too much info there ;)

Can't be that difficult to find, mayhaps someone could post a dead badger through his letterbox?
Was that for Viagra or was it just the old willy-lengthening potion?
I've just looked at the letter more carefully and have discovered that this final disclaimer type thing is basically final confirmation that the transaction wasn't me and concent for the bank to contact the police with the address etc so they can follow up the investigation.

jolly good stuff.

serves him right for ordering a beige leather bomber jacket and waistcoat if you ask me, he had it coming.
I had a similar thing in Nov, they'd spanked over £2k from my current account over about 2 days at the start of the month.

I got an invoice for one of the transactions redirected to me from my old address so I contacted the bank as I thought it might help them out. They weren't interested, and when I asked them why someone was able to pay for something using the wrong name and an address which I haven't lived at for 4 months they just started waffling sh*te.

I've since changed banks... (Bloody Abbey :evil: )
Its not deansgate road im afraid.

Im thinking its not the best idea to post the address on here, just incase a) its a false address and the people there are innocent and b) the police do investigate it and find a pile of leter bombs, feases and body parts all sent by people on this forum :D


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OH FFS, just give it up will ya? Post the address so we can all have a look, and some fun. It's not illegal is it, to post the address of a miscreant?
Donnington Rd, methinks.

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