are these worth buying or not?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by UKChrisT, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. I'm a new recruit so don't really want to go and purchase aload of stuff which isn't nesscery, but came across these running shoes which do seem worthwhile but thought id get a second opinion.

    take a look;

    Some people have told me I should get issued some trainers but haven't heard anything regarding this, only been issued basic 95 kit (trousers, shirt, t-shirt, field jacket and boots),

  2. This is what you want to get;


    The only motivation you'll need is a small girl shouting 'run Forrest, run'.
  3. 60 quid?
    xpensive wouldnt a normal running shoe for like 35 quid do the same job?
  4. stayce88, you pay for what you get in this world, I wouldn't pay that price anyway because my service number would give me a discount.

    The-Lord-Flasheart, LMAO
  5. Running went out with boots DMS and puttees, we experienced far too many instances of shin splints.
    You'll be issued a bike instead.


    Practice your bunny hops and wheelies, if you're a bit tasty you may get a unicycle.

  6. What about the Silver Shadows you should've been issued?
  7. not necessarily ive had cheap stuff last me ages
    but then my stuff is cheap anyway cus its child size :p

  8. Who are you? Frickin Minime or Jimmy Krankie?
  9. no just a small girl :p

  10. What? Like Maddy McCann or Lena Zavaroni?
  11. im not dead?

  12. Spend a night with me, treacle and I'm sure we can change that. ;)
  13. why would you want to kill me?
    what i do to you?
    or is it just a fetish of yours?

  14. More of a habit than a fetish. :D

    Post a picture of your clack being spat in and I'm sure we could come to a compromise.

    I cant believe a thread has gone from 'what pavement slappers to buy' to 'I want to have violent sex with your growler' in such a short period of time. 8O
  15. lol warped you are!
    maybe i should re phrase
    im a small laydee