Are these people for real?

Whats wrong with the fact that some folks like old vehicles.
Do you also drool over seeing a convoy of MAN SV's on the motorway.

"Mmmmm, let me get my wide angle lense for this one"
Not really but i cant see the whats wrong with a little Olcd Vehicle Porn. Yes i do like things like the Old ThorneyCroft and the odd steam wagon. But at least i have a life.
In the grand scheme of things, I cannot understand why you are at all concerned.

People go Bird watching,Train spotting,Eddie Stobart Spotting,renovate steam engines and a hundred and one other things that you might find boring or insane.But others love as a hobby.

Harmless,and these are the people that keep the old re-enactment show vehicles on the road.
Army_Rizzle said:

Is it affecting you? No, didn't think so.....

Leave them alone........

The pages were also dated over two and a half years ago. So I suspect they have probably seen a few more "exciting" vehicles since and crashed. Which is why there has been no more updates.
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