Are these genuine "Issue" kilts?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jagythistle, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. just curious


  2. Argyll Kilts got a £190 000 MOD contract in March 2007 to produce what was described as 'other' kilts for The Royal Regiment of Scotland. So they are on approved supplier. Suggest you contact them if you think this might be a forgery:

    Argyll Bagpipes & Kilts Ltd. Unit 18, Lomond Trade Centre, Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire. G83 0TL
    Phone: 01389 721757 Email:
  3. So, after all the hoopla surrounding the manufacturers of kilts for the RRS - who was awarded the main contract?

  4. Thanks for that
  5. Must be Bi Curious why else would you want to wear a skirt that has a 'Breech' measurement?
  6. Here's the story from the BBC in March 2007:

    Scots firms secure kilt contracts

    Two Scottish companies will benefit from the £1.2m contract to make kilts for the Royal Regiment of Scotland.
    Glenisla Kilts in Motherwell will make the outfits with the material provided by Robert Noble of Peebles.

    The Royal Regiment came into being last year as part of a reorganisation of the British Army. It is made up of five regular and two territorial battalions.

    The £3.1m contracts for its sporrans and trews have gone to companies in Birmingham and Leeds.

    Glenisla Kilts has won the main contract, worth about £1.2m to supply about 5,000 kilts over four years.

    "This prestigious contract will give us the opportunity to invest in the business, plus the credibility to compete for further contracts in the UK and abroad" John Culbert, Glenisla Kilts

    It will manufacture the kilts using tartan from Robert Noble Ltd.

    A further £190,000 contract for other kilts and accessories has been awarded to Argyll Bagpipes and Kilts in West Dunbartonshire.

    About 5,000 horse-hair sporrans will be supplied by Birmingham firm Ammo & Co, in a contract worth about £1.4m, although they will be made in Perthshire.

    While a final contract of about £1.7m for 5,000 pairs of trews has been awarded to Leeds-based Turner Virr & Co.

    Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram said he was pleased with the contracts. "This is good news for Scottish manufacturing and the Scottish economy, the Royal Regiment of Scotland, and the MoD," he said.

    "We are all winners here.

    "For the MoD it's not just about getting the lowest price, it's important to get a product and service that's right."

    Glenisla managing director John Culbert said the deal was a major boost.

    "We're not a big company, but we fought hard for this contract, and credit is due to every single member of our dedicated staff," he said.

    "This prestigious contract will give us the opportunity to invest in the business, plus the credibility to compete for further contracts in the UK and abroad."
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    So why were you asking anyway JT?

    Managed to pick up a load at knock off prices?
  8. Nothing Sinister, a friend had found these for sale on a website and queried if they were actually "issue". The labels are different from my, probably older, kilt so I couldn't confirm one way or the other. didn't want him to get jiffed with a fake if he was going to purchase
  9. If the site is Squaddie Kit then they should be legit
  10. oldmuso, thanks for the info' thank goodness the contract didn't go to China or Pakistan as was rumoured a year or so ago.