Are there still people who deny climate change?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Jan 13, 2013.

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  1. I'm pretty sure there are the rabid denial types who still claim it is all a hoax or 'we're getting colder really', but do sane people still not get it?

    Federal Advisory Committee Draft Climate Assessment Report Released for Public Review | National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Comittee published their Draft Report last week - which is pretty direct in the language used. The American military world sees it clearer than most Climate Security Report

    What else will it take for the rest to get it and that humans have a large part to play in all of it?
  2. The Met Office recently revised their temperature forecasts down for the next few years rather than up.

    They don't seem to be too rabid over there.
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  3. How about the Met Office admitting last week that the UK isn't warming up as predicted?
    I believe that the temprature increase is half what they thought it was going to be.

    As for climate change, yes its happening. Is it anthropogenic? Haven't seen any conclusive evidence for it yet.
    I have seen a lot of wild claims, I have seen a lot of evidence that is more than a little bit shaky. We've even seen outright deliberate scientific distortion if the facts.

    Climate change is natural, this planet has being doing it since the dawn of time. Anthropogenic Climate Change is bollocks
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  4. Unequivocal proof?
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  5. Well, so far so good; however, although I try to reduce the amount of energy I use (solely for the sake of my bank balance), I bitterly resent that c*nt Al Gore benefiting from his MMGW claptrap when the entire UK output of anything - let alone greenhouse gasses - is utterly dwarfed by the number of power stations that the Chinese are building.

    Or should we try to ensure that Mr & Mrs Hoo Hee live in poverty without heating or cooling, just so the chattering classes in this country can "feel good about themselves"?

    I know it's a difficult subject, but unless you intend to go along with the Georgia Guidestones, the whole subject is exceedingly difficult to tackle without putting pensioners into fuel poverty, and giving large landowners huge subsidies for pointless windmills is not the answer.
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  6. Found this recently, don't know how much of it is correct or not (not good enough at science) but certainly makes interesting reading:

    The Top of the World

    Other than that, I'm fairly cautious with the amount of power I use, mostly on account of cost. Still waiting for the penny to drop with politicians that windpower doesn't provide a regular & constant supply of power, so no matter how much you wish you can't build your entire grid on wind turbines... hopefully when it does someone will take down all the turbines ruining Scotland!
  7. The planet is definitely warming up. The evidence for it being Humanity causing it is a little more tenuous, and AFAIK it relies on saying "The Earth is warming, and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has increased. Thus, carbon dioxide (and other gases) cause global warming. I think that the increase in CO_2 is easier to demonstrate being attributable to us, though.

    Whatever the case, there's nothing wrong with changing our wasteful habits...
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  8. Ah, you see, now you're calling it climate change. Not so long ago it was global warming which has basically turned into a load of crap. We are definitely going through some sort of change but the planet has gone through many such changes and will continue to do so. I very much doubt that we have all that much to do with it. The "experts" making up statistics, ignoring periods of history which don't fit in with their theories etc don't do themselves many favours. Governments and others making a fortune out of us in "green" taxes and climatology grants are the only "truths".
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  9. Oh for fucks sake not a climate change thread, nothing is guaranteed to bring out the friends of David Icke as seen above like a sodding climate change thread.

    We are ******* the planet up, it's the truth so get over it.

    Denying it should earn you a ban from the forum just like the other offences such as hurling racist abuse or being unrepentantly ginger.
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  10. Since it is a prediction, based on factors put in by scientists, it must be true. The fact that the Met Office, as mentioned above have decided that their old predictions are embarrassingly wide of the mark, does make me wonder what would happen to the next set of predictions if money was to be made, in the form of grants, subsidies, etc, by stating that climate change is occurring, but is NOT due to human influence.

    I rather like to think that scientists would not be swayed by large amounts of cash, prestige, and fame. But somehow I think that with a subject as open to interpretation as climate change the old saying would still apply;

    Who pays the piper calls the tune.
  11. Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax

    That is all.

    Oh and research funds.
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  12. Perhaps rabid climate change evangalists should be banned?
    Or at least prove their claims without resorting to lies, data-manipulation and disproven theories.....
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  13. I like how it's gone from "the world will get warmer" to "bits of the world will get warmer and bits will get colder" to "there will be more extreme weather events". I.e. "this is our pet theory and we're not letting go of it, regardless of inconvenient facts"

    Unfortunately, I'd reckon we'd need far more (and far more reliable) data than we presently have to draw any meaningful conclusion, and by the time that data comes into existence it might be too late (if indeed human action has any meaningful effect on climate, I'm a fence sitter me). For the moment, mind, I'm quite happy to live in a part of the world where I'm unlikely to get lung rot just from going outdoors:

    BBC News - Chinese cities blanketed by thick smog
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  14. Surely when the Met Office changes from predicting global warming to predicting a reduction in temperatures, a rational person would be given food for thought?
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  15. It's bollocks, this morning I was freezing whilst walking the dog yet six months ago I could do it in a tee shirt. What about that inconvenient fact you warmists.
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