Are there still people who believe in Global Boiling / warming / Cooling / Freezing /

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ACAB, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Or are ARRSE members sceptical of anything that seeks to double their fuel bills, ruin their countryside with useless windmills and mindlessly follow, since the fall of Communism, the New Religion?

    Personally, I think it's utter shite and nothing more than a means of redistributing wealth. Oh, and empowering the sort of ******* you would headbutt should they have the temerity to bore you death with this crap in your local.
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  2. Kermit is green.

    Ergo, he is also an 'eco warrior'. As such, All ******* frogs must die!
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  3. Can you grow grapes ( as in wine) it's only relevant if you can grow grapes!
  4. Mate, I sympathise; although my heating is turned up to full and I've had to open a window to the UK weather outside to compensate. I admit to just liking to watch that shimmering heat haze effect as the heat harmlessly escapes in to the atmosphere to join the plastic bag bonfire I've got cooking-off outside.
  5. Looking after the environment is never a bad thing, but the whole carbon footprint nonsense is just a way of taking money off us.
    It doesn't even go into research for alternative fuels, so even if CO2 did destroy the world how is carbon tax helping?

    Most normal people will look at history and see that the earths temperature goes in cycles, always has and always will, but if you have an agenda to force on people facts usually don't mean anything.

    The thing that gets me the most is why my car destroys the world with CO2 that comes from natural sources (out of the ground) yet a massive volcano is some how different just because man didn't have to drill for it.
    Oh and then when they say that a big dog damages the environment more than a SUV then I really switch off.
    And fart tax on cows, you've got to be joking.
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  6. I hope you have a few tyres on there too, that ozone won't deplete itself.
  7. The earths been warming as long as the ice has been melting and its still melting. If it weren't for global warming England would have been under ice.

    How much carbon does a Jew give off? Can we blame Hitler or them Jews?
  8. We can't blame Kent Police; they are beyond reproach.
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  9. No such thing as the wrong weather.
    Just the wrong clothes.
    Climate changes we've got to learn to live with it.


  10. This.

    Climate is cyclical, something like a 26 year cycle of extremes at each end of that timescale as some boffins were saying during the Il Nunio lark a few years ago. Earth will sort itself out. **** me it managed well enough when the place was full of volcanoes & other nasty shit a millennia ago.
    Its all about taxation & scaring the public into submission Communism, terrorism, blah blah blah, find a new common enemy to keep the masses occupied. Load of balls.
  11. Or die with it if you live in a low lying area, or get frozzed to death up a hill or blown away by a gale on flat bits or burnt to a crisp anywhere else if of course the tsunami/earthquake/metor strike doesn't get you first that is.
  12. You forgot terrorism, binge drinking, obesity, and bird flu....all par tof the fear agenda as well you know.
  13. There's no 'belief' in it. The scientific evidence and analysis is that warming is happening, it's the motley collection of semi-educated ********* who are hard pressed to understand that earth goes around the sun who think otherwise.

    Of course there is a upside, we're overdue for the start of a new glacial period, that seems to have been postponed.
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  14. Top tip to save money on fuel bills.

    I find that going along to the local scrapyards and sticking a sharp knife into the walls of all those dumped fridges and freezers sends up a lovely little cloud. After a while, a nice hole appears up in the sky and lets the sun shine through to warm up these cold, winter days. Get the family to stand in that little warm spot and you'll save loads on your energy bills.
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  15. When Global Cooling starts to kick in next year, rest assured that the Government will seek to recompense you for the green tax that you've paid out over the years.

    Or not.
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