Are There Qualifications To Gain In The Army ?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BARB62, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. When you have completed Phase 2 and have been posted, can you study for a qualification ?

    After speaking to sumone serving in the Navy, they explained the Navy paid 80% of the cost of taking a degree in Psycology and they had completed other qualifications during their time serving.

    Does the Army offer opportunities like this, if so how do they work ?

    Thanks in advance !
  2. Yes loads.

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  3. Three posts, three new threads. Why not try using the search function?
  4. Loads! Military work and training can be transferred to NVQs - even basic training transfers, or at least it used to, Public Services and Security. You get money towards courses each year, there are loads of free courses to do, driving quals, trade quals, etc, etc.

    There are always things like GCSE' at the education centres, Open Uni degrees - all sorts! It's well worth staying out of the NAAFI and put some of your own time towards quals.

    What you looking at joining? Good luck!
  5. After only 6 months out of Sandhurst I already had my Cycling Proficiency Badge and was a fully paid up member of The Tufty Club. :)

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  6. You aren't paying attention, are you? :D

    BARB62 has a BARB score of 62 and wants to become a Postal and Courier operative but is a little worried that the job might be somewhat akin to that of a postie.

  7. I ain't feckin psychic :roll: I don't do a full back ground check on every-one's posts before I reply.


    BARB62 - "has an IQ of 62 you say, and thinks being a postie in the mob might be a bit like being a postie."

    Litotes - you dumb fecker; Our vans are green not red - nothing like a civvie postie! :lol:
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    Ah, but how long before you were trusted to navigate anywhere on your bike?