Are there "moles" on ARRSE?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Me thinks (O2 thief tag and all) that in the last few months Arrse has been infiltrated by certain bots whose only aim is to plant 'ideas' and notions on the site and otherwise stifle freethink and free conversation. Most of these names bear the familiar phraseology of some of the utterly mindlessly numb things you would read in the comment section of the Washington Post or the site. This is most prevalent in the Multinational Forum.

    I know I will be accused of being one thing or other. But back in the day when I came here, discussion was more independent and less about party talking lines.

    Is there a concerted effort by powerful forces to water down Arrse?
  2. Are you drunk? Or on something?
  3. The only growth on Arsse is you. You come out with some of the most inane drivel and the next moment expect to be taken seriously. You are not only a waste of O2 but also of space.
    Feck off and die
  4. Try this


    It might help.

    Try to get some sleep fella.
  5. I have a mole.. though its not on my ARRSE.. The wife thinks Ishould get it seen to, as it may lead to skin cancer.. but, I like flicking it and making it wobble when I'm bored...
  6. Er, nursey forgot to give you your medication this morning Mr D?
  7. I knew it! It's 'Gustav-Seigfried eins' and 'Calais Soldaten-Sender' for the digital age.

    Is there no limit to the NWO's deviousness?... :wink:

    Quis Separabit
  8. Was Mole not in Tales of the Waterbank or somesuch? How have they managed to get here? Methinks something is afoot. Yes, 12 inches - boom boom!

    Nurse, the yellow pills please and clear up the damp patch. Have a good weekend all.
  9. I saw an Ocelot once
  10. I used to have two quite close to my arrse - on Biffen's Bridge to be precise. They are gone now, and I don't miss them.
  11. Infiltration and conspiracy,absolutely not, lack of imagination, quite possibly.

    Having lurked for long before joining, I have noticed a lot more people ready to grandstand about fairly meaningless cr@p and even more people ready to accuse evetone they can of being a conspiracy theorist.

    But it is hardly worth creating a thread for, I can see why you got the 02 tag
  12. I live in hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Like you should.

    Earlier today I was informed that several billion dollars are being moved to a a program that will ensure worldwide markets don't collapse.

    In the package there is a provision that includes ARRSE as a major conduit that will vouch for the good times ahead.
  14. I never really understood why Devil_Dog got an O2 tag. He's actually one of the more reasonable Septics on ARRSE.

    Unless he's a mole. :D :D :D