Are there Firefighters in the TA or RMR

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Adolf, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Hope someone out there may be able to shed some light on this subject for me.After being out of the Army for 10 ish year I am looking at applying to join a TA unit.I am, and have been since leaving the Army employed as a wholetime firefighter .This was once classed as reserve occupation which prevented firefighters from joining the reserve force's,this ban was lifted several years ago but I am aware of certain Brigade's making it difficult for personnel to join the TA & RMR.
    Is this the case, if so is there any grown up help or advice out there ??
  2. The Brigades are probably making it hard for you to join the TA so you can't be forced to man the pumps next time they go on strike :D Not a bad idea. Make all firemen part of the TA, Gilchrist says strike, MoD say er' no get back on the pumps. Jobs a good 'un.

    But seriously, I thought you still were reserved. Best bet is to ask the TA first, as they will know if they can take firefighter in general. If they want you, you will have to approach your Brigade.
  3. I know a guy who is a firefighter and RMR with a Telic tour under his belt.
    Don't think you get a leave allowance for TA so yo have to use your own allocation - or presumably take unpaid!
  4. Off the top of my head I know about four blokes who are in the brigade who are also sTAbs. Not sure on leave entitlement etc. but they seem to get on with it and at least two have done op tours.
  5. Cheers Zincari and scalieback it sound promising then.With so many blokes in the Fire Service from the mob there must be a few in the TA & reserve,its just down to how difficult each brigade can make it for individuals to join.
  6. Does that mean you could get mobilised for a re run of Op Fresco ? Now that would be interesting with your respect party sponsoring union colleagues in London. seriously though good luck.. hope it works for you as the Old Bill has lots of various reserve forces guys/girls so why can't you ?
  7. Not a certain station officer from Bristol by any chance? If not that makes two of them in RMR
  8. There is a guy in my unit who is in the Fire Brigade. he gets no hassle at all from his lot, and manages to get into most training weekends, he also does extra stuff in the week. I thought most firemen had second jobs anyway!!
  9. You have to apply for permisson to do part time work, and then just name it as your employer - no hassle hopefully.

    Or as you say your ex-reg, then you could say that your a reservist and you have to do it.

    Or, just lie.

    I know about 15 guys in London who are both.
  10. No. Some one on here will find the reference ('cos I can't be arrsed...) IIRC The TA are not allowed to be used to cover industrial action. That's down to us Regs...
  11. I heard of at least one firefighter who was in the reserves, during FRESCO he was mobilised and sent to his usual station :)
  12. I am a serving fireman,ex-reg,and i am a reservist but my brigade would not let me go when i was asked to go to iraq,as it was classed as a voluntary mobilisation and i needed their permission.
    I think it is upto individual brigades what their own policies are.My advice to anyone out there would be Not to join the brigade based in manchester area.(was that subtle enough?)
  13. I was under the impression that a voluntary mobilisation was treated as compulsory once you've put your name down, for that exact reason (???).
  14. No,it is still voluntary and permission is required.Believe me,i even got a civvy solicitor on the case,but the employers were within their rights.B**t**ds!
  15. When I was warned off for one of the early Telic's I went to my DO and told him, he was fine with it.

    His line was if you want to go then go, if you dont we (the LFB) will block it.

    As long as you turn up with the papers saying your mobilised then they can appeal, and chances are they will win, but if you tell them about it they will prob tell you no anyway. I was lucky enough to have a good Guv at the time (who want to get rid of me and was happy to see me go!!!)