Are there any public service lecturers on here??

Quick back ground, Ten years infantry reached the rank of LSGT last two half years Infantry Training Centre instructor, now working as a Fork Lift Truck instructor
Basically I am thinking of applying for a job as a public service lecturer, I applied for the same job at a different college about two years ago I got to the interview and gave my presentation but did not get the job.
Since then I have completed PTLLS and have nearly completed CTLLS. So I know the sort of thing they are looking for now.
Firstly do I have a chance of getting the job? secondly what is it like as a job??
Many thanks in advance for any sensible answers!

Not a Public Services lecturer, But did the course as a student a few years back. A good 50% of our lecturers where ex-mil and certainly they where the better half. I can't speak for all colleges, but the one I attended ran a Cadet detachment as part of the course. One day a week was put by for 'Cadet Duties' at the local TA centre. This side of things will be your bread and butter i'm sure.

Our course ran a lot o expedition type weekends, lot's of hill walking, camping etc and also tagged onto the local ACF for their 2 week summer camps.

You should be at an advantage (provided your suitably qualified).

A lot of the course also involved studying the law (PACE act etc) and lower level management studies also. Most of the bods on my course had little or no interested in the military but wanted to be plod instead. Most had changed their mind after two years of studying PACE and spending time with local Police.

I did a public services course before joining up 13 years ago. 2 out of the 3 instructors were ex-forces. I had a similar experience to Firefighter9. I'd say out of the 40 ish people on course I think less than 10 of us joined the Armed Forces. There were a fair few completely dillusional gob sh1tes on the course with really poor grades, bad attitude, poor attendance etc but still believed that they would get into the Fire Brigade or Police at 18! Not a chance. A fair few also looked at the course of a way of killing a year before having to work.
I used the course something to fill the time whilst I did a resit and GCSE PE. I was in cadets at the time so I had covered the vast majority of the syllabus. I did get my H & S first aid at work out of it though so that was ok.
We had some mandatory and some elective modules we chose to do which were generally an afternoon a week. The mandatory modules were drill and signals which were taught by the local TA unit. I did technical drawing, first aid and automotive mechanics as my choices. I can not remember what the other choices were now.
I taught part time at two colleges, the main thing they looked for was teaching experience not service which was sad, my tip is try and get in part time if you can initially but build up on experience

So how did you get on? I'm looking at this now. Don't have the PTLLs qual but have the C&G 7307 which I think equates the same??
I have enough teaching experience, I was an instructor in a specialist course specific to theatre for 6 yrs. Will see what pops up
Does anyone actually teach or has anyone taught this course on here? I am also looking to apply for a job teaching this, luckily the job is within an FE college that I currently teach another subject at but I don't know too much about the course content. I can imagine a lot is based around E&D, V&S and all that sort of stuff with a few AT weekends thrown in (to be a bit flippant). I did 11 years regular service and was told by my resettlement consultant that 8 years+ classed me as a SME and therefore there was no specific qual required (apart form the teaching side), is this true? Will being a member of a local TA unit stand me in good stead? Are any mil quals handy?

Thanks for any replies.
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