Are there any Para / Cdo Units not in 16X / 3X?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by nasch, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone think of any RA or RE Para units that aren't in 16X, or any RA, RE or RLC Cdo units that aren't in 3X?
  2. OK, I'm a spotter for finding this out, but I'd be pretty threaders if I were in 16X and told to take my DZ flash off and replace it with some cub scout TRF.
  3. RE paras and commandos serving in training establishments are allowed to wear their this what you wanted to know?
  4. If the question is as 105AVRE has asked, I would say the following: if an officer/NCO from the RA/RE/REME etc has been posted direct from an airborne/cdo unit to a training establishment (e.g. RMAS) then they should continue to wear the beret (maroon or green). If however they have come from a "normal" role unit e.g. 4RA, 11 Sigs, etc then they should wear the normal headress of their Regiment (and take pride in that).

    In my personal experience, having worn a maroon lid for several years and then ending up in a non-airborne Gunner regiment, though it is painful to wear the normal beret at first, you soon get used to it. Also, when I passed through RMAS the biggest wnaker of all the DS (rat faced REME capt with a village people 'tache, McN.... you know you were the biggest cnut in 1995) insisted on wearing a maroon lid, despite being out of the airborne for a couple of years. It just makes the person look desperate as though his professionalism cannot be recognised by his actions, rather he has to cling onto a beret to stand out. Always confused me, as being airborne the colour of the lid lost its importance the day I saw a bunch of split-arrses wandering around the 'Shot with it. Wings are the true marker, as is the Cdo dagger.
  5. I think you will find that 266 Para Bty RA (v), 131 Ind Cdo Sqn RE (v) and 383 Cdo Petroleum Troop RLC (v) don't fall under 3 or 16 bde orbat

    I might be wrong mind
  6. Also applies to units such as 33 EOD - where the sapper troops that support these formations wear the appropriate lid upon qualification. I beleive one other example is 1 Sig Sqn, the special comms unit who have para trained slots on their establishment.

    I am also one of those outside of 16X who wears a maroon lid in my current posting as am in the training/recruiting environment. As well as having to have served in the Bde you are required to have the permission of the current 16X unit commander i.e. CO 23 Engr, OC 216 Sig Sqn, in order for you to retain the right to continue wearing maroon.
  7. well as they are commando units (well 131 and 383 are) they wouldn't come under 16 bde.. but i can assure you that they are part of the orbat of 3 Bde.. hense the 17 as unit identifier and the fact that 131 went to iraq as part of bge engr group on telic.
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Used to wear my green lid at Apprentice College Harrogate many moons ago.
    Wore it in Brigade HQ for a while, Para G3 thought it was a laugh, craphats not so much, Commander didn't care.
    Later again wore it to the ranges when I was with a Jock Inf Bn, only hat I could find that day, shared a LR with the CO, Oh how he laughed not!
  9. 1 Tp 49 Fd Sqn (EOD) - Maroon Type.

    2 Tp 49 Fd Sqn (EOD) - Green Cdo Tpe beret.

    Not part of either 16 or 3 Bdes but can be called onto support and have a training/establishment of paras and Cdos.