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Are there any original RAOC/RCT/AAC rebadges left in service


Joined RAOC in 92 as an Ordnance Driver because I wanted to be a real driver & not a TROG!!!! Still got two years to serve plus VENG
which they can stick right where the bloody sun don't shine, but this STACKER Driver is still truckin'!!!


My sincere apologies to you, but the text of my original posting #1 clearly indicated what my mate was after.
But just an afterthought, why ask engineers or signalmen if they were ever in the RAOC? That question should have been primarily addressed to members of the RLC.
Anyway I thank you for your support and effort so far and look forward to more help from you in the future (when you've calmed down).

The Royal Engineer Postal Courier Service was also amalgamated into the RLC. Not what Sigs have got to do with it either?! Im exRCT/RLC but a civvi now..still got loads of mates who were RCT and are still serving though some are just starting their resettlement.

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