Are there any original RAOC/RCT/AAC rebadges left in service

Discussion in 'RLC' started by TomNewman, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I'm a member of the RAOC on-line branch of the RLC, having served in the RAOC between 1967 - 76.
    On our forum the above question was asked.
    I've included the whole current thread, and will pass on any info that you guys supply.
    By the way, those who joined up originally in the RAOC would be very welcome to join our RAOC on-line site. Most of us have a shock in "How it was, to how it is now!"

    Last One Ever

    20/08/11 at 10:59 AM

    I don't know if it has been covered before but I would be interested to find out who was the last person to be badged RAOC, is he/she still serving?

    1956-58 Chilwell pte/cpl
    1958-60 Aden cpl/a/sgt
    1960-62 Chilwell cpl
    1962-65 Borneo/Singapore cpl/sgt/a/s/sgt
    1966-69 BAOR 39 Regt RA, 11 OFP Scheune sgt/s/sgt/sqms
    1969-70 Bahrain sqms
    1970-72 Donnington sqms
    1973-75 ANZU Singapore sqms/ssm
    1975-78 Oman secondment ssm
    1978 Donnington demob
    20/08/11 at 11:53 AM

    I believe there was an intake formed up as RAOC at Deepcut in early 1993 and re-badged in April and passed out as RLC, so I would think we are looking for a group of soldiers rather than an individual Ken. But there could also have been a re-tread somewhere that takes the title?

    21/08/11 at 11:34 AM


    What about the intake prior to the above who would have passed out as RAOC, any one in that group on the forum.

    Would the museum have the names and photo's of the last RAOC soldiers to pass out as RAOC ??.......................


    HQ 4 Div
    BATUS 1st time
    Camp du Larzac
    S/S 36 Hy Air Defence Regt RA
    24 Air Portable OFP
    ICP Viersen
    BATUS 2nd time
    S/S 94 Loc Regt RA
    CMTT Uganda
    13 Ord Coy
    78 Belize Ord Coy
    S/S 22 Engr Regt RE
    42 Ord Coy
    The good old days - Gone but not forgotten
    21/08/11 at 11:37 AM

    Given the museum, I wouldn't think they would have a darn clue.
    21/08/11 at 12:03 PM

    Sadly HQ RAOC and the RAOC Museum relied on VanDyke Studios in Farnbough to store negatives of passing out photos etc, and when they closed in the early 2000's all were dumped as rubbish. I believe the School of Logistics (School of Ord) still have a load of group photos, but this and the junior’s site have a better collection of passing out photos than the museum has. However this can be said of many other museum including the ACC & RCT who also used VanDyke's!
  2. There are a number of ex RAOC still serving. My own intake was Nov 88 however I wouldn't join RAOC online as you all whinged like **** that Petsops were spoiling it. Just so you know we set our own website up, but we had a fight and broke one bit and lost the other bit.
  3. Best bet is to write to the 'sustainer' which I think is the Corps magazine for the RLC. Tell them what you know and who you think it is (ie that last intake) and ask if anyone can clarify or give you guidence.

    If the last intake was before Apr 1993 then most will be approaching their 22 with speed!!! So you may need to act.

    For last time a RAOC capbadge was worn on a unit, I'll put forward this little story.

    It was told to me by a Sgt RLC, who had been RAOC prior. But I beleive for some time after the RLC was formed, the QM of Donnington used to cut around with TWO capbages. His RAOC one, then he had just sort of added the RLC one. Apparently he was doing this for some time before being pulled up for it.

    One for story board at any rate!!!
  4. There are lots of us serving still - both Regular and TA. I can name double figures who work with me in TA. It wont even be worth recounting this decade who is still serving if you are looking for the last man.
  5. Look round most RLC units and you will see a fair number, as said right up to early 90's they were still coming out the factory till you all amalgamated. They will all be 19 year plus now and some LE Officers, I worked with a few in my last unit so worth sending a letter to Sustainer and offer them a few blankets and you will get them coming out the woodwork.
  6. If you include the DE Officers, there are lots still serving who were originally RAOC/RCT etc! I was far from the end of the line to be commisioned and still have 10 years to push.
  7. Sorry guys, but I've just realised that I put the wrong heading on top of thread.
    Obviously there will still be many of you serving who originally joined the RAOC/RCT/ACC, but the question was aimed at the last intakes of recruits in 1993. Are any of them still serving?
    (ps regret putting AAC in thread title and not ACC. My mistake - I served with the AAC but never with the ACC)
  8. You ******* ****. I have been meticulo.... dilli..... .........I have been out asking every ****** I meet what capbadge they were prior to the formation of the RLC. You'd be amazed at how many people were never in the forming Corps. Nearly all of the infanteers I have approached have spat in my face and given me wedgie. The Engineers just sort of mumble what sounds like '**** off ******' and the Signals all just scurry off under a log. Now I have found out that you got the question wrong in the first place. Well you can **** off. I am not asking them all again.
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  9. My sincere apologies to you, but the text of my original posting #1 clearly indicated what my mate was after.
    But just an afterthought, why ask engineers or signalmen if they were ever in the RAOC? That question should have been primarily addressed to members of the RLC.
    Anyway I thank you for your support and effort so far and look forward to more help from you in the future (when you've calmed down).
  10. I joined the RCT in 1987 however I am not sure if I am still "in". Are white socks and stone washed jeans still trendy?
  11. You're not a real pet op anyway, you can read and write (in a fashion).

    Bloody plastic pet ops.
  12. I was RAOC. There were no headshots when I passed through Blackdown.
  13. Dingerr, your right. BissPiss is and has never been a Pest Op. He sits in some office now spouting how the trade has gone down the tube since the Spill of 2011 and the Mix Up of 2011 (anyone for a pint of Kilfrost?).
  14. I was in the final RAOC platoon to pass out at Deepcut - 12 Feb 1993. Jim Farrar of Camberley did the official photos, not sure if he's still trading.

    I know of about 9 of us from back then still serving, mostly WO2s and WO1s with perhaps 1 taking an LE commision.

    I've got a copy of the parade programme and a (poorly made) VHS home video of the final parade, reply if you want more info.
  15. Very pleased to know that your passout platoon is so well represented after 18 years. If the RLC HQ had any good sense they would get a group of you, the last to be rebadged, from all Corps of the amalgamation and have a group photograph.
    Thanks for your offer and it will be followed up. I'm not sure by who because I'm useless with modern technology.