Are there any MCM Div experts out there?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by biscuits, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. OK, here's a hypothetical question.

    Now I know that after 22 years service, MCM Div will move heaven and earth to give you your last 6 months in a posting of your choice (to presumably facilitate your successful return to civillian life).

    However, will they post you back if you sign off before 22, (but after 12)?

    Anybody out there got the DS answer, as no-one here has got a clue. :?

    Cheers! :wink:
  2. It depends on whether they got laid the previous night.....
  3. :oops: Or how well they got laid? :x
  4. Give them a ring and ask. Thats what they used to tell you to do at the MCM DIV Roadshow. When i rang though my unit went spare...apparently you cant ring them direct...

    confused.. so was i !

    hope that helps.
  5. In Scotland? Every lay is awesome!
  6. You are not guaranteed any posting whether it be in you're last 22 or not. If a vacancy exists then they may move you, but if one doesn't or that unit is warned for ops then you won't be moved. The underlying rule for MCM working is in the interests of the service not in the interests of the soldier/officer (although this is a close second apparently).

    Suggest you ask - if they can and its in the interests of the service you may get lucky - if its not in the interests of the service you may not.
  7. Coming back from overseas, it is usually a given after 22. Before that, couldn't say. Nothing ventured etc. I got my last 6 months back in UK, but it did help that the desk officer was my troop OC a few years back...