are there any good postings left

Discussion in 'RLC' started by superdriver, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. are there??
  2. Depends what rank and trade you are. My last unit was my best; 33 Fd Hosp in Gosport. There is a Sgt Dvr slot, Sgt Rad Op slot and 5 LCpl Rad Slots. Views great and loads of places to go out to making it one belter of a posting.
  3. yes....every posting is good if you're prepared to make it good....

    i've not had a bad one yet, and i've been around all of the so called doom posts in the corps....(less caterick!!!)
  4. Spot on Goon. What's the matter SuperD, are you finding that no matter where you go, it's crap? Over time you may find that there is only one common denominator in all the crappiness. Take a good look at it when you're having a shave in the morning. :)
  5. Yup...he's the same poor bloke that keeps getting stitched up by succesive OCs/COs
  6. im not poor quite well off actually, never been stitched up by oc or co, just no postings seem how they use to be anymore,done 15 yrs now been all major units but the life just seems to have been taken out of them all now,

    so i appreciate your career advice but keep it to youself in future
  7. Illl try and answer your enquiry without mirth but as you have been in 15yrs i would of thought you wouldnt need to ask that question!
    I assume your a driver, (superdriver???). To that end i dont see how, amongst the myriad of Dvr type postings you can do, that there isnt a "good" posting out there. Think of the Port Ops or Pet Ops, who dont have exactly the whole world to choose from, you find yourself in a better PPP situation than any of those trades.
    The posting is what you make it, im in a job that in our trade isnt the most "sexy" but due to being in the right time and place, am involved with something, where in the future will probably say "that was a good posting".
    But i shouldnt need to tell you this if you have been in 15yrs...should i!
  8. Yes - but you are dull!

    only joking - how goes it matey?
  9. SSM of teh Tpt Sqn in Sierra Leone - its tops. Lots of travel and good money - but the Tpt Sqn is full of locals - youu are the adviser.

    Best year ever in SL!
  10. Everyone raves about Hereford, perhaps you could go there so you can tell me what colour the boathouse is!