Are there any fit birds in Dewsbury?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Having just watched the Beeb's coverage of the Shannon Mathews verdict I have to ask, are there any fit birds in Dewsbury?

    By 'fit' I mean, one you would be happy to be seen with in public by your mates, take to ladies night in the Mess, escort to a wedding, and even, god forbid, fall in love with, get married and breed with.

    The specimins of womanhood that flashed across the screen are best described 'not being strangers to a fish supper' and 'having fallen out of the ugly tree and hitting all the branches on the way down'!

    I mean to say, I've seen better looking Rockape Cpls' wives and more cute scrapyard dogs!!!

    So are there any fit birds in Dewsbury, other than those who might just be passing through?
  2. Funny, we could rarely distinguish between the two...
  3. I defer to the Honourable Memeber's more informed opinion!
  4. No, No, No........

  5. no no no no

    theres more chance of finding a virgin in the east end of Glasgow
  6. eeeeeeeerrrr NO!
  7. fcukin chavs
  8. Go and find out ya self big man because mi mam would love to give ya a nose bleed, try it you will love it,
  9. what? you hoping for a photo of one......

    If there were they have all legged it when they realised there was fuck all for them in that little dribble of a town
  10. Still prettier than your average Army wife though... :wink:
  11. You sure that's not the Halloween competition ?