Are there any changes to mobilised tour rules?


War Hero
I have withdrawn my application for FTRS, there have been simply too many delays and problems with it. Also a temporary work opportunity taken up whist I was waiting has turned into something of a golden egg which will last a while, perhaps a perminent post.

However I still want to get mobilised again, this time for Herrick. I understand that there are rules which stop reservists from being re-mobilised after more than 12 months service in any 36 month period.

Is this still the case? are there exemptions? and is the situation likely to change?

The FTRS system is so complicated, prone to delays, poor communications, changes at unit level not to mention leave, downdays and sportsdays at Glasgow and all sorts of other things. In contrast mobilisation is as simple as signing on the line, phoning the excellent fellow at HQ Land and passing through RTMC.

Will I have to wait another two and a half years before getting mobilised again?


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