Are The Walts True

Is this all true.

I know The score with goldie but what about the rest.

For example This Sniper Mogs what Happend About Him?
the walts are true, they tend to get delt with quickly, eg lawstudant, yannie etc, but you however my friend have only been here a day, its a bit early to start asking these kind of questions. but then again your knowledge of past arrse begs me to ask the question how long have you been stalking arrse before you had the balls to register?(oh answer to youe question they all dissapear to the same s hit hole they crawled out of.)
I only found out about this site the other day but i been ripping the piss out of people like goldie and co for a while i cant belive theres a site where all walt hunters hang out waiting for fresh meat
Your starting to give me vibes staca.....
Time will tell staca me old china, time will tell...

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