Are the USMC the true inheritors of the Spartan mantle?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Just been drinking with some USMC types who say it is it?
  2. When did they do a Thermopylae? It may be because my US history is lacking, but I can't name any similarly heroic action.

    Come to think of it, I can't think of a USMC Rorke's Drift.

    Best not to tell them that, though!

    (Edit: Ignoring the obvious but boringly academic objections of a Classics student.)
  3. Sparten's Mantle? Is that something they put over their fireplace? If so, they can have it!

    It may be a culteral thing, bu this type of bigging yourself up makes me laugh.

    Spartens, raised from birth to be warriors, and to enjoy the company of men more than the ladies. If that's what the USMC wants, they are welcome to it!! :twisted:
  4. Maybe they were thinking about the Alamo.

    Coat! Taxi! Gone!
  5. Couldnt move for the amount of USMC at the Alamo SIR YES SIR :D
  6. You mean Davy Crockett and Danial Boone didn't train at Paris? The f*cking walts.
  7. It was intended as a joke lads, not a history lesson, calm down.
  8. Sorry my line was Sarcasm
  9. Unfortunately they have never broken (yet) after a Mr Bean skiff either, as they were at no small pains to point out....
  10. I'll bet that they were loud with it. Mind you, can't say as I blame them.
  11. Alas worse, much worse...they were attempting to be kind about it....
  12. hahahahahahahahahaha finally the yanks get a sense of humour we can understand.
    Oh they weren't joking.Well in that case thank them for giving me the chance to post this link.I just love showing how hard their training is for this 'elite' Corps
    Even back in the days of the WRAC the entry requirements for the girls was harder than it is for the USMC.
  13. The spartans would have taken the USMC outside in the middle of the night and left them to die on the hillside.
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  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Funny that they claim this just after the film '300'. A general reading of the history of Sparta from classical sources (rather than a recent Hollywood movie or the original) and their social structure (i.e. woman and Children segregated from 'the men'), might make the English less prone to want to be seen as Spartans; the Greeks generally, and the Spartan's by rumour and interpretation, had what would be considered contemporarily as very loose sexual morality. If the USMC want to push the analogy, I'd suggest they read some Wilhelm Reich perhaps with a dash of Freud.