Are the US preparing another dubious WMD porfolio?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sidelineobserver, Apr 24, 2008.

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    So has America finally finished its next intelligence portfolio? and where are we going next?
  2. [​IMG]

    The first of many more images?
  3. Has Syria got loads of Oil?
  4. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Given our own record on WMD portfolios and shoddy, politically driven analysis of intelligence I think it would be a bit rich for us Brits to get too upset over this.

    Hello kettle this is pot, send colour state, over...
  5. Who cares! .. They say jump .. we say how high!

    Now just for once, if we said no .. think how much money we could pour into our own soldiers welfare etc..!!

    All hail the British Army, Non-stop action since Bosnia!!
  6. Alarmingly the Washington spokesman on Newsnight said Syria were not a major power and could be dealt with another time, or words to that effect. That's blatant dictatorship speak IMHO. Dangerous and unlikely to make friends.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I think that the Israelis removed the problem before it got out of hand.
  8. So, the first threat to world peace and democracy Bush was talking about not long ago is Iran, the second it transpires, -- Syria. How marvelous!
  9. Those ones were kicking around from a follow up story on the BBC covering the results of the Isreali attack. Given that the ground was cleared to that state in a matter of 4 - 6 weeks I really doubt that there was a reactor there. Bloody difficult to totally clear that much concrete.
  10. Agreed. Nuclear plants are so expensive as all the major components have to be constructed on site rather than trucked in. You literally need to build foundries on site to build the pipes and vessels.
    Now the Syrians could have done what the commies done when Chernobyl went up and pile local "cannon fodder" into the area to clean it up while not knowing the risks. Even still that amount of loose bods cutting about would have been spotted and a nice little picture of it taken.

    /Tinfoil hat on

    Why are there no pics of the actual clean up op?

    /Grabs a beer and heads for the bunker
  11. Guess it's time to buy shares in Photoshop?
  12. So what were the Syrians building?
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Well its about limiting your carbon footprint and keeping airmiles low. Transporting tanks and other gear is expensive too. North Korea is therefore safe.
    This way the US Army can have an extended training exercise starting and finishing in Iraq - the only question is whether to go clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  14. You need to watch the movie on the beeb website before running off at the mouth.
    The Israelis destroyed the site before the rods were loaded, hence no fall out and a controlled explosion of the site after the raid was followed by massive earth movement over the top which they then built a structure over.
    The Syrians claimed it was a disused military complex........which they then re-built!!. I am not saying that the CIA is wont to stretch the truth but it all seems plausible to me.
  15. It's election year in the US. President Bush won't want to affect McCain's chances of winning by involving the US military in another potentialy unpopular conflict in the middle east. Especially in a country like Syria that could have an extremely detrimental effect on the situation in Iraq. Gen Petraeus has just been appointed to head up CENTCOM and I can't see him wanting to further stretch his forces.

    If the US does decide to do something about the Syrian reactor, then it will be in the form of a nod and a wink to the Israeli's, who would have no compunction about destroying a second Syrian nuclear site. After all, I can't see governments in the US, Tel Aviv or Europe wanting an arab state to have anything nuclear at all.