Are the Turks pussies?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. The Turks overwhelming hesistation and seeming reluctance into going to Northern Iraq after they had their noses bloodied yesterday seems to me like a testament to their inherent weaknesses as a nation willing to defend itself.

    Is Turkey overrated?

    Has any Arrser served or been in close proximity with members of the Turkey military? If so, are they any good? Are they up to the task or are they an overbloated, posturing bunch of idiots like Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard turned out to be upto and shortly after Baghdad fell?
  2. No. No nation is 'a bunch of pussies' expect in the movies and in the playground. I think Turkish military history would back up that point.
  3. I wouldn't right off the Labourer because the bricky is sh1t. The actual troops "apparently" are quite good. However they have a strange officer class.
  4. Don't confuse political leadership with military capability. These boys may not be too sophisticated but they're no pushover.
  5. Explain B_C.
  6. I don't think any army is made up of pussies...except the Septic's. (Cue bad comments.)

    But getting yourself captured by a bunch of militia when you've got more firepower and support. Bad drills.
  7. Yep, have served with both Turkish and Greek military (as you lot would say)

    The Turkish soldier is very motivated in defence of his country and is fully aware of the situation in SE Turkey (5 years ago, and speaking to ex-conscripts when on holiday) The problem being is exactly the same as ourselves in NI. We knew who, where etc but the politicians would never give the green light.
    Put it this way, the PKK are dogs**t in the Turkish military eyes.
  8. Dont they in affect do a degree in being an army officer.

    Like some kind of university program which pushes out ruperts. I suppose not too disimilar to West Point however by finishing the course you sign your life away as an officer for the full 22 or something daft.

    Not too sure, will google.
  9. Turkey is being lent on massively by the US not to go into northern Iraq. The political leadership is just about holding on to the military's chain - artillery has already been fired into northern Iraq which means OP teams are already on the ground. Anymore attacks from across the border and I think the Turks will go in without hesitation, and it'll be no holds barred. They want blood.
  10. The Turks do not support us in Iraq, they don't think we should be there and because we are, we are supporting America....they see it plain and simple as that! Well from the people I spoke to in Istanbul twice last year, they are very blinkered!
    But I can say from experience their Army and Police are in no way a bunch of pussies, I was petrified when something was said by the french to upset the Turks one of the weekends I was there as there was riots etc and I have never seen so many Coppers looking like robocops!
    Unfortuntaely due to there religion they see us as the bad guys and do not believe in what we are doing in Iraq and see us as the bad guys
  11. I guess the bigger picture I am trying to paint here is: Yesterday's attack should have been Turkeys Pearl Harbor. All the reports I have seen seem to indicate that the country is rallying behind the goverment. So why waste time?

    Not to go in now would be an act of political cowardice on the the part of the Turks. If the US had waited for Japan's next move in 1941, God knows how things would have turned out.

    Today, the Iraqi president Talabani said the PKK was going to announce a ceasefire. This could mean they are stalling for time inorder to consolidate their position. If the Turks bite the bait, they lose.

    Me thinks the PKK wants the Turks in Iraq so they can bog them down and wear them out like the Afghans did the Soviet Union.

    My understanding is that the military in Turkey holds a huge sway of power in Turkey. Are they afraid of something? Like say, for example ,defeat?
  12. Don't know about pussies, but most Turkish boys are circumcised aged about ten - without anaesthesia. Ouch!
  13. Would you want to subject your troops to that sh1t hole/blood bath. I like to imagine The Turk goverment are trying to pull the dogs back on the lead a bit.

    Getting involved in a very dodgy bloody war should be the FINAL option.

    That being said if the French hit dover i'd want them ICBM'd.
  14. They also have compulsary military service, which a lot of people say we should still have, but they feel should'nt be ...debatable?
  15. Conscripts will never match "proffessional" volunteers. They can have all the kit in the world but if your heart aint in it you'll sleep on stag, so to speak.