Are the Sigs for me?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by PadsBrat, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking to sign up and do my bit.

    So far, from what I can tell, the Bleeps seem the best for me. But I was hoping for some advice.

    I'm in an IT role just now, 7 years experience with Software troubleshooting, installation etc. Pretty clued up on Windows and competent with PC hardware. Fluent in German and I'd say average GCSE's. Only C I got was for Chemistry and Maths (I couldn't be arsed!).

    What trade would this misfit stand a chance in? 8)

    Oh, and will my age (27) hinder me in anyway? I'd hate to miss out on an ideal trade because they deem me too old!
  2. The Army has upped the age limit. As long as your fit enough for basic, you should be ok. Go down your local ACIO for a chat but be warned, they may try to talk you in to joining something else. In the end, go with what you fancy most. The Sigs 'aint all that bad though!
  3. I'm getting there with the fitness. Lost a lot of weight in preperation. Just a stone to go now. I'm finding rapidly that I'm not built for running! That's my achilles heel.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Dont worry, we used to take pretty much anybody - but now the standards have dropped :wink:
  5. The Engineers, I hadn't thought of that. The Geo Tech stuff looks pretty interesting. :)
  6. Get yourself down to the careers office to get the ball rolling and discuss your career options. Good luck.
  7. The balls already rolling... time to make it curve a little I think!
  8. Best of luck whatever you choose.
  9. Mate with your skills I wouldn't be considering the Army.

    Go do a PRINCE2 course and do some IT instillation projects/IT risk management projects. If your fluent in German I would suggest you would be very employable.
  10. You're not the first to suggest that.

    And to be honest, since I first registered my interest in joining with my local center last year, my interest has been diverted toward other careers too.

    Really, I am looking for a total change of pace. Either IT related but different environment (Army!) or something completely different. The Police has been in my considerations and I have an app form on my desk.

    I'm gonna get down to my target weight and go for the Barb... see what's on offer. I'll make my decision then.
  11. Dont do it! By the sounds of it you have enough skills and experience to do very well in civvy street. And at 27 by the time you realise how shit the Army actually is you'll have wasted a good few years and be out of touch with civvy kit.

    Get a civvy job that doesnt send you to shitholes for tuppence and pays a decent wage.

    Just my bit. You might disagree, so good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    But if you do join the Army try and stay away from the sigs!
  12. Listen to the grown ups mate, don't do it.
  13. Interesting advice.
    I grew up around the army (hence my username) and I'm by no means naive about what its about. I know it can be crap, I also know it can be good fun. It seems to depend on what you do and where you go.

    Out of interest.. why should I stay away from the sigs?

    I ain't going for infantry... thats for sure.
  14. The only advice I have is this... If you don't like chips and hanging around. Don't join the Army