Are the "Shaibeza"(SLB) guys for real?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ZEMTEX, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. :x ok, so who has been to Shaiba log base from an out station to drop of or collect stores?

    You get there and find that they are only at work from 9-5.....
    then ask where the duty storeman is the reply is "he is in the bar, tried phoning him but no answer!"

    try geting anything done on a Sunday! now there is a difrent storey.

    twice i have been contacted going to or from SLB with no result in collecting or dropping off stores...frigin wake up you **se holes!!!

    there is more going on out side the wire than deciding what to have for tea " ...mmmm let me hut or subway??"

    for once respect what the lads are doing out side SLB...its a 24hour operation!!!! one morter out side the parimeter fence every two weeks is nowt compaired to the daily krap the rest of the lads get so sorry if you have to miss your drinking time but you should be bending over backwards to help...not stick to a 9-5 routine...

    has any one else had these problems whilst on op Telic?????
    or is it just me????
  2. I see you got a lot of support on this posting. I know of one person who doesn't work 9 to 5, doesn't lead a sheltered life and doesn't sit an his ass all day. If you understand that.
  3. Sounds like the Dalma Warehouse of the Middle East.
  4. stores are for storing once a remf always aremf
  5. If stores wernt for storing then theyd be called issues. :roll:

    Next time Zemtex dont leave, work your way up the chain of command until someone takes notice. Once someone realises, watch the fire works. Seen it happen. 8)
    Happy trails my friend. :D
  6. Nothing new here. I remember going to Lisburn from Bessbrook in '87 and being gobsmacked when I overheard them talking of going to the beach that afternoon.

    The frontline is the frontline and REMFs are REMFs. Always will be. I speak as one who was on the frontline in Bessbrook but was a REMF (spent a month in Umm Qasr) on TELIC 1.

    However us REMFs are there to support you frontline warriors and if you don't get the service you require, don't leave until you do. There is no excuse for the treatment you received. Did you get names of people you spoke to? It's amazing the service you get if you ask for someone's name. "Who did you say was duty stacker? And what's your name again?"
  7. everyones got a job to do, people are sent to SLB, usually its not their fault, however there are some real jobsworths in that bloody place.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Oh yes FF! :wink:
  9. Guard Force at SLB is done by a TA Regt. (do you feel safe knowing that?) and i know for a fact that they are certainly NOT working 9-5. poor buggers are undermanned some are on consecutive 24hr shifts, as well as having to do convoy escort north. But i do hear that the STAB medics are only working three days 9-5 every week.
  10. So who was it who told you that? They couldn't help you?
    No Duty Sgt/WO/Offr?

    Did you go to the bar yourself?

    This duty storeman if not in stores surely has to be "on call"? If he can't be contacted perhaps he needs to be reported as having deserted :)
  11. Have you met the BMH SQMS??? hes the daddy of the jobsworth family.