are the rumours true?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by slopey_shoulders, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. heard from a mate that a lot of permanent staff have been given the peoples elbow at blandford! .how true is this? if at all , the c.o has recently been trawling in bfg for some new blood. anyone out there with anything more substantial than gossip??
  2. Hmmmm sounds like somebody is empire building. Maybe the CO is trying to build his own personal army of willing minions. Next thing you know he'll be waging wars and invading Bovington.
  3. nah, apparently he has held interviews of thoe cpls who are wiling to do his bidding. this was quite recently at elmpt 7sr.
  4. Night of the long knives beckons....

    Well if they want volunteers to get the hell outta this place, put me on the first bus.

    No problems with the unit, just the locality.
  5. Is he going to keep them in a cage like Mr Burns and his flying monkeys. Somebody should tell the MOD that the CO of 11 sigs is building his own personal army of flying monkey corporals and are planning to take over the world.

    Disclaimer for the incredibly stupid out there: Yes i am taking the piss
  6. As opposed to Cpls who refuse to even countenance doing what a Lt Col tells them?
  7. Bull you owe me for a new keyboard, this ones covered in coffee.. :D

    "flying monkey corporals" snigger guffaw......

  8. "I'll get you, phase 2 - and your little dog too!"
  9. If he gets the marching route repaved yellow then you know things are heading that way.
  10. i think it would be great to see the tin man sat in troop office.

    i can just imagine all the whingers clicking their heels together crying there's no place like home
  11. Isn't that a Para RMP Full Screw?
  12. there should be a clear out of the permanent staff at blandford get rid of the fat useless tossers and bring in motivated tradesman. who are willing to put the effort in to bring through a better quality of class three. instead of the drivel that slithers out at the minute.. especially in sysex.
    im not saying that all you blandford lot are BAD but i am saying a lot of you are!!!!!!!
  13. I think you will find that Corps policy is about to change on instructor posts not just in Blandford but also at Phase 1 training establishments. A new PD, PD 19 is about to hit the streets. As I understand it CO 11 is the man tasked with briefing the Corps about PD 19 and the route to becoming an instructor. For those of you who have recently attended JCLM or SCLM you will note that you will or will not have been recommended to be an instructor, also some of you will note on your CRs that you can be recommended to be an instructor. Well for years we have been recommending, but too be honest MCM Div find it very difficult to read everyones CRs when a posting is due to find out who should be an instructor. PD 19 should help with that selection. Hope that clears things up.
  14. PD 19 is out and on the corp web site, what it is doing is change all the instructor posts to being volunteers only and doing away with the old days of just getting posted in and getting on with the job.
  15. Ochaytha new, are you at the coalface?