Are the REME's Day's numbered

Discussion in 'REME' started by chalky663, Mar 31, 2002.

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  1. Well to state this is a fact WFM if you have heard of it
    doing the trials already ( ???)
    What is going to happen to ur beloved corps of quick fit fitters  ;D
    Civvy Tender's already gone out for those interested
    Cost cutting exercise again I hear myself thinking.

    How will you survive this
  2. Nah, we'll be fine, civvies won't be able to cut the mustard - just look at the VT fiasco.  I'd give them 6 months before the whole fleet is VOR.

    Not that that will bother the Army, so long as they save dosh in the short term. :(

    Besides, who else can understand ISPL and EMERs?
  3. You mean ISPL's are hard to understand? Look at bit.... check part number.... Order bit. After the mental stress of that difficult job tightning nuts and bashing pannels with a hammer must really be a breeze. ;D ;D
  4. Sorry but the first post is wrong! Yes the WFM trial has started, but this is just to determine the optimal unit equipment holding. The Trial fleet does not get started until year 2003 and at the moment there are no funds to pay for it!
    The REME slant on WFM is absolute bollocks! Senior REME officers are portraying WFM as being designed to cut REME jobs.
    Ask yourself this, If all the vehicles required for training are in a training fleet, who is going to repair them, civvies with no equipment experience, or Re-located REME tradespeople?
    Besides, if a Div was to go to Iraqistan, what REME support will it have to take because the equipment repair function will still be required!
    What REME need to be aware of is the possibility of being sucked into the Really Long Corps, a case of going back to our roots ???
  5. ref the OHU FLEET yes it has started & yes you are correct at stating this is to determin what a Unit should hold for its day to day training , however your other statement ref the OTF has already started although at this moment in time it is not that important ( so they say)
    we are still required to capture all DATA ref this fleet & the fleet is still being used, using the provisianal system of requesting veh for exercise , training etc.
    Also the trial for this fleet is also to capture the DATA
    on spares , man hours, etc, etc ( the list goes on )
    REF the future of the REME well that is being discussed
    such as continuity of a unit lad, working relationships within the unit , sop's, etc .
    with us grunts in the AI World well we are now starting to see skill fade so we have a problem to. loss of ownership, etc

  6. Please, don't make us all go into "Super Battalions" in order to practise "Whole Craftsman Management"..... esp GS Coy!  Could be worse than Wattisham.....!

    As to merger with RLC, REME should in fact take over the old RAOC functions, and leave the RLC to cook, hump and dump.  I would say that there could be some considerable savings in that - eg merging Tech Stmn with Sup Con/Spec etc.   ;D
  7. Having just returned from an Ex where the REMEs have again played a vital part in keeping our ridiculously aged fleet on the road, I sincerely hope that we keep you.

    Having had an almost upside down Wr, and a bogged in one (just my veh, and not counting the other 50 plus vehs in the BG), and having been pleased to see the 513 at 0130 I did wonder at the effects civillianisation would have.  Conclusions?  Complete reduction in CE.  Would a civvy work for 72 hrs straight?  I think not.

    Keep up the good work.  If you need a comparison as to how this staunch G3 bod thinks of the rest of the Sp arms, see the Inf page on G3 snobbery.  Should make all of you spanner monkeys fel a little more valued!  Hope so, you deserve it.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well, WFM is here to stay - it nearly died last year, due to lack of cash, but was repreived when Land Command 'bought out' the saving!  They are desperate for WFM, without which the 2 x 3 rotating Brigade thingy cycle won't work.
    As to effects on us - just look at any other static establishments.  If a training fleet held in a peace-time loc needs repairing, this WILL be contracted out.  No doubts there.  As to LADs - they will cease as we know them.  Only 30 vehicles in a Regt = less fitters.  sorry guys, beancounter logic - and I'm a beancounter. :(
  9. Well th Whole fleet 2 x 3 thingy cycle is here to stay so is WFM ( Cost Cutting thingy again ).
    Get used to it REME'S Days are numbered.
    The Right Lesbian Corps are taking over. You are going to be part of the collective  ;D ( Enjoy ).
    Enjoy Blanket stacking.

  10. Actually, a more worrying prospect in the interim is whole craftsman management!  Sorry to all those at 1st line REME, but apparently the battalions are going to be fully manned by stripping out all but a skeleton staff from 1st line units.  Following the 3 yr cycle, grouping of cfn will be given out to the LADs to fill them up for exercises and ops.  Apparently, it's a great idea.

    A few points:

    1)  REME Bns do not do a lot of production work (that's why there are Garrison Workshops).  So, what about people's ability in trade?  Are they going to start concentrating on spannering in REME Bns, or are they still going to be sweeping leaves and running garrison fetes, and filling in bits of paper?

    2)  The linkage between the LAD and the Regiment, more importantly the Ftr Sect and Sqn/Coy is the most important at providing a battle winning capability to the BG.  The fact that they eat live breathe and sleep together goes a long way to promoting the outstanding relationship between our world and theirs.

    3)  Most 1st line units are understrength.  Concentrate on sorting out SEME first, then maybe look at 1st line manning.  Perhaps it is the BNs that should be taking the shortfall?

    Just a few things to think about!

  11. Spanner, I think you hit the nail on the head....

    I think the Regimental CO's might have something to say though, if REME cant keep them on the road except when they are on exercise....

    Who would do all the duties all their regimental Days   ;)
  12. With regards to WFM and REME manning: REME are currently undermanned and so I would have thought that as less REME are required under WFM their undermanning problems will be all or partially solved ?

    I realise that REME specialists will be needed to manage contractors in the climatically controlled garages, but nevertheless I would have thought that REME would embrace WFM as a solution to their manning problems. At least it should mean that the warfighting and when required, the training Brigades will be fully manned by REME.

    Views ?
  13.  Sorry Boys (and Girls) but the REME's days are numbered.  The crowd of bright young things (who have never held a spanner for real) and arragant senior officers (who can't even remember what a spanner is) at DEME(A)(A =ARSE) are cocking the CORPS right up. I am ashamed that MY CORPS can no longer  provide the Army with a decent service.  Too many men are wasting their time in REME BN's when they should be at 1st Line fixing the 'KIT'  However, we can't do that because we wouldn't have any posts for senior REME officers would we????  Make no mistake REME Bn's are only there to further REME Officers careers - Not to deliver a service to the Army!!  Sooner or later the Generals will realise that REME can't deliver any more  :-[ (and will contract out maintenance work to Civies and put any of us who are left into the RLC.  (With all the other Girlies)
  14. About time too.    The unit ration budgets will instantly reflect a profit when all the brew kit normally consumed on the regular T breaks remains on the shelves.  This will also allow the prima-donnas, so full of their own self-importance, to take a reality pill and realise the world does not revolve around them.  They are merely there to keep the fleet on the move.  

    The petty "war-games" played in REME Bn's to allow their own Officers to brown nose up their brigade/div chains should be binned anyway; some of the soldiering leaves something to be desired and takes then blokes away from fixing kit.  Of course there are exceptions but......
  15. Bluebellblood, you are spot on! Next year a trial is taking place on (I believe 3Bn) which involves their manpower being increased to about 140%. Bear in mind they are currently about 75% strong, that means about 65% of a Bn are being posted into a type of unit that is reknowned for not producing any work!!
    Why Oh Why can't DEME(A)/DGES(L) see that the main part of REME that earns the respect of the teeth arms is that which is EMPLOYED @ first line! Maybe then      DEME(A) would start to redeploy manpower where the Army really needs it.