Are the RAF getting rid of PAYD?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by toffeeman, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Heard a little rumour.
  2. Yes they are.
  3. Are the Army following suit then?
  4. I hope the Army do follow suit because it is the worst shower of shite I've ever come across.
  5. highly unlikely that a single service will be able to just cut away, although the RAF are not part of the RF construct so anything may be possible...however, what happens on a joint service establishment of which there are 100s?
  6. And replace it with what?
  7. Who will take the hit when all the contracts are ended?
  8. The Army can't go back to the old system that existed before PAYD came in when it charged living in soldiers a fixed amount every month - it just won't work.

    We are stuck with PAYD.

    Personally, I think that soldiers should not be charged for food or accommodation.
  9. the 5 contracts are up for review in 2014 anyway
  10. Definately not, they have just set up a full team of 15 guys to luanch it. The first sites go PAYD next month.
  11. As i believe, the Armed Forces are stuck with PAYD for the next 10 years as NAAFI have the contract for that long and if we were to break the contract, we would still be paying the robbing gits for that length of time (probably cost more to be honest).
  12. 70p for a jam doughnut now (how can Sodexo justify that?)...cans have gone up, not to mention the shit quality of most meals. We've actually started getting what seems like a dish of roast potatoes instead of Hash Browns for Breaksfast! Whats that about?
  13. Why? We aren't any different than anyone else in the country, why should we have free food and accomodation?
  14. Not seen the PAYD for real - I left the Colours 10 yrs ago and it was being talked about then.
    Can someone briefly explain how it works?
  15. You're quite wrong, of course. I can't be arsed listing all the reasons.