Are the public forgetful idiots?...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopBadger, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Yep, and we'll give him a BJ!

  2. Yep, but then who else is there?

  3. Too close to call

  4. Nope, we won't be voting Red for a while

  5. Nope, i'll be waiting outside Downing St for him, with a baseball bat.

  6. Couldn't care, i'm leaving UK for good!

  1. God I wish I wasn't so honest. The though of Labour getting back in horrifies me.
    Bring on the revolution.
  2. He will get back in and he'll have his nut sack rubbed too.

    Come on think of the worst thing that could happen and it will.
  3. The headline

    Crisis will be forgotten - Brown

    The "-" has replaced the word "BY".

    And in answer to your question, YES. Joe Public will forget everything when the next Celeb Big Brother starts. Nobody ever went broke by underestimating how stupid the public was.
  4. didn't sunny jim callahan think that after the winter of discontent ... and got his arrse handed to him the first general election after?
  5. who's Gordon Brown? I forgot again!
  6. Of course there is a good chance that Labour will be re-elected. I can't be the only one who lived through the success of the Harold Wilson governments or what led up to the Conservative win in 1979.
    However, the real problem in recent years has been the lack of an opposition.
  7. Thats because he didn't have saturation coverage of 9 fucktards locked in a house spewing their pathetic little views on each other. Bet he's kicking himself now.
  8. If i was the leader of the opposition i'd say to all the forces and services.

    "Vote for me and i'll give you the pay incremements you were after no questions asked as my first order of business.


    Whats Police + Fire Service + Paramedics + Nurses + Armed forces add up to in votes????

    On top of all the other gits who would vote for me anyway because they like the colour of my tie.
  9. If by 'deal with' you mean 'spout meaningless platitudes, then carry on normal jogging taking the opportunity to blame the opposition, further demean Parliamentary democracy and claim some expenses', then yes, we do.
  10. "He pledged to concentrate in the New Year on long-term goals and issues that really mattered to people such as housing, health and education" add identity security when data is in the hands of the govt.
  11. Ahh, bread and circuses. I fear that, as long as the great unwashed have food in their bellies and something to entertain their tiny little minds, most of them don't give a tuppeny t0ss about anything else.

    God, I'd love to be proved wrong.
  12. The public will, most likely, forget individual crises very quickly. Broons problem is that, as each crisis dies, a new one leaps up to take it's place.

    This isn't happening because there have been a series of unfortunate events that are beyond government control. It's happening because Broon and his cabinet are incompetent.

    The belief that the country is being run by an (and I quote from Private Eye) "Accident-prone bampot who couldn't organise a pi$$ up in his own throat" is becoming engrained in public mentality.

    Things can only get worse as the economy is likely to take a nosedive next year and a lot of people are likely to lose their jobs and/or homes. There's little scope for engineering a 'soft landing' as Gordon's been fighting the credit crunch fire by hosing banks down with hundreds of billions in publicly funded 'loans'.

    There's no cash left to give the bloated public sector pay rises anywhere near in line with inflation so we can expect a rerun of the winter of discontent some time next year. Try not to have a heart attack next year as your ambulance is likely to have to stop at several picket lines en route to hospital.

    Come election time, probably in spring 2010, the public will have plenty to remember - especially those who have lost their homes and jobs. I'd wager the country will be as deep in the guano by 2010 as it was in 1979.
  13. A few short weeks ago Labour spin merchants were suggesting that the Tories could not breach the 40% mark and they were comparing the polls with Blair's popularity during the Major Govt.

    Now the Tories are hitting 45% and the same spinners are trying a different line.

    I believe when the forthcoming economic recession and house market recession kicks in the Tories will be knocking on 50%.

    Voters will never forgive Broon the clunking fist. His popularity peaked in the summer he missed his chance to go to the country. He is a charmless rude man, with no ability to think on his feet and no appeal to female voters.

    Labour's best chance is to replace him, but to replace him with who?

    A grey beard?

    Looking forward to the winter of discontent. Labour will actually have to deal with their own incompetence whilst in Govt. Argh, happy christmas everyone.
  14. The main problem is that governments can only go so long before people start to get tired of them whatever they do or whomever is part of them, the ten year mark is usually when this starts to kick in, so now Brown's inherited people's tiredness of Labour. Even without all the disasters it would be hard enough, with them all coming one after the other he's now looking at a Sisyphean task.